#ChickPicotheDay (Day 2,606)

#ChickPicotheDay (Day 2,606)

#ChickPicotheDay (Day 2,606)

Feathered feathers, like in the 80s, Farrah Fawcett style.
I finally got out to bond a bit with my new camera. It’s not a moose but it will do.

#ChickPicotheDay! (Day 2,606)

I haven’t been out as much as I have wanted to lately. Specifically with my new camera, until the other day. It was such a great feeling to be out in the fresh air, good for the soul. You can follow my work on my website:  http://www.heathercardle.com

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Heather Cardle

Heather Cardle

Heather is a well-respected photographer who resides in Brantford with her family. When she is not "work" shooting, she is the curator of an over seven-year online photography project titled #ChickPicotheDay.

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