#ChickPicotheDay (Day 2,651)

#ChickPicotheDay (Day 2,651)

#ChickPicotheDay (Day 2,651)

Octuplet trees. Guy out front was born first.
(my apologies my cat wrote today’s caption)
I took the shot because I love all of the shades of blue in the sky.

#ChickPicotheDay! (Day 2,651)

What I’ve learned if you see trees like this, take the picture, next time you pass by it could be toppled over and that’s sad. You can follow my work on my website:  http://www.heathercardle.com

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Heather Cardle

Heather Cardle

Heather is a well-respected photographer who resides in Brantford with her family. When she is not "work" shooting, she is the curator of an over seven-year online photography project titled #ChickPicotheDay.

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