Corporate Media Exposure


With Brant News closing.
There is a platform for Citizen Journalism.
Get your voice included in the local echo chamber.


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With Brant News closing does the County of Brant, (including Paris, St. George, Burford, Bishopsgate, Burtch, Cainsville, Cathcart, East Oakland, Etonia, Fairfield, Falkland, Glen Morris, Gobles, Harley, Harrisburg, Hatchley, Langford, Lockie, Maple Grove, Middleport, Mount Pleasant, Mount Vernon, New Durham, Newport, Northfield, Northfield Centre, Oakland, Onondaga, Osborne Corners, and Scotland) Six Nations reserve, New Credit Reserve, or the city of Brantford not deserve its voice to be heard and shared more broadly?


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