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The definition of Bohemian, when googled, comes up as ‘unconventional,  nonconformist,  unorthodox,  avant-garde,  offbeat, off-center,  irregular,  original,  alternative,  experimental,  artistic,  idiosyncratic, eccentric, arty, arty-farty, way-out, off the wall, oddball.’  These are all descriptions that Katherine Pickering, owner and curator of the new Paris Bohemian Gallery doesnt mind at all.  In fact, her intent with opening this cool new space
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Wednesday August 29th, 2018 was the championship game for the Paris Ladies 3-Pitch League.  Pam Whiting (the leagues administrator), facilitates, and organizes games from May until August.  There are four teams of 15 women who play to the best of their ability each week.  This is a recreational league, so you’re experience level can range
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