Brantford Police Services – Exemplary Service Awards

It is important to realize that our own police officers find themselves in situations that put themselves in harm’s way above and beyond their official call to duty.
Constables Matt Roberts, Constable Jacob Campbell and Constable A.J. Snively were recognized by Chief Nelson at the BPS Board meeting April 12th as they personify exemplary service to the community and their colleagues are extremely proud of them.
On March 6 2017, Constable Matt Roberts and Constable Jacob Campbell attended a call to find and emotionally-distraught man inside his garage with the vehicle running.
Forcing their way into the garage, the officers’ first attempt to save the man failed when carbon monoxide fumes drove them out.
Entering a second time, Constable Roberts and Constable Campbell were able to reach the man and bring him to safety.
Both officers and the gentleman required medical treatment for their exposure to carbon monoxide.
On June 11th 2017, Constable Snively attended a disturbance call to discover a woman with uncontrolled arterial bleeding from her arm. The situation was critical. Arterial bleeding is the most serious type of haemorrhaging since a large amount of blood can be lost within a very short period of time.

While EMS was en route, Constable Snively retrieved a tourniquet from his cruiser. Applying the tourniquet to her arm, he managed to stop the bleeding.
Once EMS arrived, the patient was transported to the Hamilton General Hospital and underwent emergency surgery.
Later, medical staff at the hospital acknowledged that Constable Snively’s actions probably saved her life. Constable Snively’s ability to remain composed in a critical situation allowed him to quickly assess the woman’s condition and apply the appropriate first aid.

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