Business in Brant is booming

By: John Bradford, Publisher.
When you mix enthusiasm, entrepreneurialism and opportunity, stir wildly with network support and advocacy, you prepare an epicurean delight for the community to feast on.
More businesses have recently joined the Paris and District Chamber of Commerce and it’s only a ground swell of what’s to come.
At a ‘Business After 5’ event on April 18th, hosted by the Best Western Hotel and organized by the Paris based Chamber, about 70 business people representing a diverse business community gathered to share their positive directions. They strive to showcase local businesses and destination tourism while improving the quality of life for Brant and surrounding areas.
On this occasion they carried the food metaphor into the theme of the evening and had a ‘Chef-Off’ by members. The winning presentations of appetizers and deserts reflected that same diversity as the Chamber membership, from meatball sub sliders to Jack Daniel tarts with Chinese salads (chop sticks de rigeur) and roast beef and veggie mini-tasters. The winning Chefs were: Brian Witteveen of Strodes BBQ and Deli; Jason Canham of Myra’s Bar and Grill; and Rajeev Jilka of Goo’s Takeout.
If you are considering becoming part of this exciting business network experience click on the link below.
 From Left: Jason Canham of Myra’s Bar and Grill; Brian Witteveen of Strodes BBQ and Deli and Rajeev Jilka of Goo’s Takeout.

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