Harmony Square -10th Anniversary!

On the weekend of June 8, 9 and 10, the City of Brantford will be celebrating the spirit of Harmony Square after 10 successful years over hundreds of events and community activities.



Thousands from near and far have treasured this jewel in the heart of downtown as a destination for music, art, movies, food, skating, exercise and friends. Laurier University students and businesses in the core have watched as it became both a magnet for entertainment, a proud meeting place and an anchor for the changes and growth that followed.

Now you have an opportunity to participate in the next generation of successes. There is a competition to create a Harmony Square Mascot. The choices have been clarified through 5 different concept examples as illustrated below. First YOU choose the favoured design, and later YOU will get the opportunity to name it.

The winning mascot design and name, as chosen by the community, will make a grand entrance during the three-day spectacular anniversary…more to come with details and agenda soon.

Join us NOW in picking from the characters represented as the most positive symbol of future Harmony Square events.

UPDATE May 1, 2018

Harmony Square Mascot REVEALED!

The community has spoken on what the Mascot will look like, so we are excited to share that the majority of votes went to design Harmony Square’s new Mascot to be a light brown squirrel!

Now our squirrel needs a name! What is your suggestion for a name for the new Harmony Square Squirrel? http://ow.ly/O7YY30jMrOm


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