Holmedale Flooded….with creativity!

This time it’s a good kind of flood – Many of the folks living in this lovely part of our city have noticed that we have a great crop of creative types sprouted up all over the neighbourhood.  We arent sure if it’s the proximity to the river, the older neighbourhood, or perhaps the climate (ok its not the climate) but, there they are.

Last May a few Holmedalian artists decided it was time to show off what a large creative group has gathered in these parts. A volunteer committee was formed and a logo was designed – a date was chosen and flyers and signs were printed for the first annual Holmedale Art Crawl. It was a lovely day and the many people that came out were all happy to bounce around the neighbourhood visiting the various locations on the map. Connections were made, neighbours met and some purchases ensued. Our MPP Dave Levac, who is a big supporter of the arts, visited the artists. All in all, it was a successful event with lots of positive feedback. Brantford is home to so many creative folks and it is always nice to have an opportunity for a whole group can come together and take part in an event such as this.

This year’s Holmedale Art Crawl takes place on Saturday May 26, 10 – 5pm. There are 39 artists at 20 locations (several locations have guest artists). Maps will be available later this week to download at holmedaleartcrawl.ca or found in hard copy around town at public venues, and at all of the locations in the crawl. There is also a Facebook page that has updated info.

The work available includes pottery, textile arts, upcycled home decor, graphic design, books, jewellery, paintings, printmaking, music, woodworking, pet items, music, and even hand made knives.There truly will be something for everyone – and its a fun day out – you can even bike or walk the route!

Have a look at the list of participants here!  Awesome Artists


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