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It’s not a crime – but Brantford has a way of attracting unique and interesting talent. Theresa Noon-Hunter is the Director of There’s A Production (10 points to your house if you caught the word play in the company name), based in Hamilton, but she has quickly discovered that Brantford is a pretty cool little town, with great folks. So much so that with all of the support and admiration she has received for the first sold out shows back in February (A Downton Abbey Murder Mystery) , she is looking to move herself and her company here.

In Brantford it’s easy to develop connections and form relationships. When Kristen Henderson of Movie Junkie wanted to bring Theresa’s productions to Brantford, a conversation with Joshua Wall of Murky Productions led to great things. Soon enough, schemes were being schemed and plans were planned to present a series of shows in Brantford – and here we are with the second instalment of murder mysteries, just in time for Mother’s Day.

The name of the production is the Deadly Prom Musical Murder Mystery. So bring your Mom to Prom – It’s 1984 and the students of Hillside High are preparing for prom.  The rebel, the popular, the jock, the misfit and the nerd gather with the audience in the cafetorium for what turns out to be the deadliest prom yet. (10 more points if you guessed the 80’s movie reference). The audience is asked to figure out who dunnit based on clues derived from the play. All of the actors improvise and interact with the audience (don’t worry if you are shy – they will let you observe without having to participate – but if you are a ham at heart – feel free to take part!) The audience is encouraged to dress up in 80’s style – think padded shoulders, big belts and even bigger hair!


 [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFYAe0SKZ08[/embedyt]


You may already be familiar with the murder mystery format, but this is no ‘straight from the box” production. The actors are professionals from all over Southern Ontario and the original script is written by Rick Simm; and yes, it’s a musical, with the song parodies all written by Theresa, to the tunes of all of your favourite 80’s hits.

There are two shows on May 12 (11:30 lunch and show, 6:00 dinner and show) at the Sonnenhoff German Club at 194 Henry St. $60pp includes a 3 course meal with choice of 2 meat-based and one vegetarian option. Tickets are available at ticketscene.ca, Movie Junkie or by calling 519-304-7222 (seats are numbered so you can choose where to sit).


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