Team Rubicon lends expert services to ongoing flood clean up

The City of Brantford declared a state of emergency on February 21, 2018 in response to an extreme and sudden weather event on the Grand River watershed that led to an evacuation order impacting 5,000 residents in the City’s floodplain area. 
As a result of the ice jam/flood event, several homes as well as City assets including pedestrian bridges and trails in the floodplain area suffered damage. Since the event, City staff has been working diligently to clear significant amounts of debris from City parks and trails that were impacted.
To aid in this massive effort, we are pleased to welcome “Team Rubicon” to Brantford who will be assisting City staff over in the next week. Team Rubicon is an international volunteer led organization made up of military veterans and first responders who donate their time and valued skills and experience to individuals and communities affected by disaster. They routinely deploy thousands of volunteers across North America and globally to provide relief to communities in need.
In Brantford, a crew of 15 members will assist City staff with clearing operations of public Parks and Trails impacted by the February Flood Event.
“We’re really grateful to have them here”, said Brian Hughes, the City’s Director of Parks Services. “We know the public is anxious to access these public areas again so we really appreciate the skills and extra equipment Team Rubicon is providing to help expedite the clearing process.”
At a later date, the City plans to provide community wood bins that will be set up along the edge of Gilkison to allow residents access to wooden debris that can be used as firewood or for personal use. Trails and the clearing work areas will remain closed to the public and signed accordingly until they have been deemed safe again.

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