Cook at home: Asparagus

Growing up I wasn’t a huge asparagus fan.  My parents loved creamed asparagus on toast.  They didn’t offer any up and back then, I sure wasn’t asking to have a bite.  I often wondered why green toast in May got them so excited.  I didn’t get it.    It took many years for me to grab that bundle of asparagus from the produce section but then I had a true awakening to Asparagus when I moved to Brant.   I discovered fresh picked from the farmer, something locally delicious we can all savour.

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Remember, I grew up in the big city where cement, small lawns, and backyard gardens were about all I was exposed too.  I truly thought that bread came from a bag and jam from a store shelf.  I hadn’t experienced farm fresh or even known a farmer, but then it happened I learned about asparagus from the local source, the farmer!

Ah, a fresh bundle of asparagus.  The trick is the snapping of the woody end to rid of the tough stem & washing out the sandy earth.  This takes trial and error  & a little dirt in your teeth, but the efforts of a good snap & rinse are worth it.

Here is how I enjoy asparagus now.  Simple & easy thanks to the delicious asparagus from  Brantwood Farms. 

Boil in a small pot approx 3 cups of water with 1 whole garlic clove & a shake of salt into the water.   Once boiling add the asparagus standing up so the bottom is cooking first.   Time for 3 minutes, then push the entire bundle down into the water to finish cooking another 3 minutes & cover.   In my kitchen opinion, this offers a perfect cooking time to ensure it’s done well from top to bottom.

Once your time is up, remove from the heat and drain off the water.  Plate all facing the same direction & drizzle with your favourite olive oil (love the Basil Olive Oil) and a few slices of goats cheese (love St. George’s Drongkowski’s toasted garlic goats cheese) to melt into the cooked bundle of greens.   Place the plate on the table and allow everyone to grab their own for plating.

It’s really that simple & for me, no creamed green toast required. Boil, plate & serve.  Happy snapping!

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