Go North, Young Man… all the way to The ARCTIC

Tobias March wants to be cool….or rather….be REALLY cool.

In the Arctic.

This young man from Brantford has started a GoFundMe drive to raise about $9000 to top up his contribution to the event in order to join this unique opportunity. He is the only student in Brant to qualify and would appreciate anyone that can help him finish his drive to the finish line, or in this case, to the North Pole. Unfortunately, he has only recently been given notice that his window for raising the money is tiny and outside the normal applications from local foundations. Please help him 4BRANT.


Mandate:The Students on Ice Foundation’ educates the world’s youth about the importance of the Polar Regions, supports them in their continued personal and professional growth and inspires and catalyses initiatives, that contribute to global sustainability.


Hi… my name is Tobias March.
I am a grade 11 student at Pauline Johnson CVI in Brantford, Ontario.

I believe that youth who have the opportunities to broaden their view of the world become lifelong leaders. Right now I have a chance to make my dream of going to learn in the Arctic (Canada’s Eastern Arctic & Western Greenland) a reality. I have been accepted to participate in a program called Students on Ice but I only have until June 15th to raise the funds needed to go. 

Students on Ice (SOI) is a unique initiative dedicated to taking students from around the world on once in a lifetime educational expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic. The ship-based program takes high school and university students from around the world to the Polar Regions to gain a deeper understanding of this unique and important part of our world and to educate, inspire and empower youth to make a difference on a local and global scale. Students on Ice is the only organization in the world which offers an opportunity for students to be immersed in hands-on research activities and lectures, taught by Polar experts, scientists, Inuit Elders, artists, musicians, historians, educators, and explorers. You can learn more at www.studentsonice.com 

About 130 students participate in this unique experience each year and I am hoping to be one of them!  I am also the only person in Brant county to have been selected. 

The Arctic Expedition, which I have been selected for, is a two-week ship-based journey starting in July 2018. My participation in the expedition depends on whether I can raise amount required through scholarships, sponsorship, and donations. Between a small scholarship, money from my parents, and a few private donations I have roughly $7000. I still need over $9000 to cover costs of the trip.  This includes transportation to and from the gateway city, two nights in Ottawa, passport, appropriate clothing, the cost of the trip itself (the expedition fee itself is over $13000 including taxes). This all has to be completed by June 15th and I only found out today (May 9th, 2018). 

I would like to pursue an environmentally based career where I can make great change in our world. This would be a great first step… a leap.  My plan is to come back and blog about my experiences and to do some public speaking about the expedition. Then when I graduate I hope to go to Trent University. 

Donations over $250 CDN will be issued a tax receipt. 

If you are a business, your logo and link will be included on my blog. 

Because I am getting a few donations outside of Go Fund Me, I will deduct those from the campaign amount at the end of every day. 

If for some reason, I am not able to raise the money for my trip, I will ensure that you get a full refund.

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