Speaking to the people, For the People

Progressive Conservative riding rolls into Brantford

By Jesse Ferguson

From the moment the bus pulled in around 1PM, “For the People” blared from all the speakers at the Progressive Conservative rally held at Will Bouma’s Campaign Office / PC headquarters at 321 King George Rd., Brantford on May 24th. This bus was not of Bouma’s, but of PC leader, Doug Ford.


Running for the PC riding here in Brant, Bouma’s motto for the campaign is “WillForYou” which is also the website for his campaign.

As Ford strolled into the rally, he quickly got upto a mic. And his motto was on display everywhere around the office before he spoke: “Speaking to the people, for the people.”

Ford said he’s “for the people” whom he lamented have lost 300,000 jobs under this current leadership.


“We’ll take the Liberals out of office and make change!” Ford stated emphatically.

Taking a slight break from the Liberal-bashing, he also divvied some bullets for another party. “We understand we also have the NDP here,” he paused. “But does anyone remember the days of Bob Rae? Taxes galore,” he stated before eluding to a mistake Andrea Horvath made on her campaign and highlighting why she shouldn’t be in power.

Ford said hydro is a main issue and that he’s going to cut those costs immediately.

Another issue he claimed to rectify was wait times for healthcare.

His sight lines focused back to ribbing the Liberal party. “Kathleen Wynne doesn’t care about gas prices ’cause she hasn’t filled up a tank in 10 years,” Ford said to a roar from the crowd.

“Wait till June 7,” Ford urged. “Help is on the way.”

“Together, we will get rid of Kathleen Wynne,” Ford told the crowd.

Before posing for pictures with interested citizens, in the same breath as his ousting line of Wynne were his parting words: “God bless.”

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