Burford Slo-Pitch: Ackland’s insures a shot at .500 next week

Burford Men’s League gets interesting

By Jesse Ferguson, 4BRANT


In the Burford Men’s League, both fields were in action Wednesday, June 6.

The first game on Diamond B was between Ackland’s Insurance and Burford Auto.

Prior to the game, when asked if he was gonna hit another homerun in big Diamond B tonight, Ackland’s bomber Dave Zylstra (below) replied, “I don’t know. The air is kinda thin tonight.”

Zylstra may not have gotten a passing grade in science at the former Burford District High School as he may not know how gravity works (that thin air would actually help his hitting it deep).

Anyway, upto bat first, Ackland’s flexed their power early on by going ten batters deep (the max) in the first inning.

Despite Zylstra’s comments about the air, it was Brandon Webster who had no problem with the air as he hit a bomb for Ackland.

Brian Box responded well though for Burford Auto hitting the ball well for extra bases in front of wife Michelle Weatherbee and their new baby. Box managed to have a game-high four runs scored.

Not to be outdone, also in the crowd was Melissa Gemmell and her newer baby of all of eight weeks. Congrats to all of the above (including Ackland’s Ray Magda– the other integral party involved– who also scored a game-high four times and is pictured below).

Ackland’s romped Auto, 32-19. Jeff Richardson also scored four times as did Mike, James, and Webster for Ackland’s.

Bre Haul was armed with some new fancy coats. “They look really nice” said Gemmell.

“Best part,” said Bre Hauler Ed Allgood, “they were like free because of the amount of beer we drink (as a team).”
However 4BRANT does not authorize this as a good solution for readers to get a new coat.

“Bon Lane is undefeated and we’re…” Allgood stopped before sounding braggadocious, “good, too.”

Also, Bon Lane is welcoming Shawn Boyle to their team. Boyle is of course of ex-Brantford Red Sox fame.

The new coats may have slowed down Bre Haul just a hair though, as Bon Lane moves to 7-0, winning 26-22 in a high-scoring affair.

The Cement Heads faced Tota’s Farms. The Heads hit many homeruns early….but this was alike shooting themselves in the foot for later as by the time they hit five, all proceeding homeruns would count as outs.

However, these early bombs would not hurt them in the end as they outlasted Tota’s by the slimmest of margins. Cement Heads 20, Tota’s Farms 19.

Next week is a big one though! 7-0 Bon Lane face the 6-1 Cement Heads with first-place on the line! Also, we have rivals Bre Haul and Tota’s Farms playing, which pits the former Tota, Chad Box, and former Trucker, Rob Lowes, against one another in a matchup that rarely disappoints. Unfortunately it’s one big game or the other as they are at the same time at the same place, Optimist Fields at the Burford Community Centre.

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