Burford Slo-Pitch: Defeat the undefeated!

Burford Slo-Pitch: Bon Lane looks to stay undefeated

By Jesse Ferguson, 4BRANT

“That’s how it’s done,” said Mike Kipp, quietly, upon returning from the field after a trot. Kipp smashed a homerun deep and out of Diamond A.

His team though, the Cement Heads, seemed less than enthused though for some reason, perhaps that he used a homerun so early in the game (first inning, and the rules limit teams to five out-of-the-park homeruns each). But the second place standing and upper echelon-tag may be getting to the Cement Head team because it wasn’t like this was a solo shot– and a wasted homerun. It was a three-run shot! That’s good use of a homer. Nice hit, Mike… despite your team’s lukewarm reaction.

It was June 20th and the Burford Men’s Slo-Pitch League was at it on a beauty night. First game pitted Bre Haul against the number two-ranked Cement Heads.

As the Cement Heads poured it on heavy, they would make even better use of their next homer……Jesse Cave, a descendant of one Norm Cave, and brother of Adam– whom recruited Jesse but hasn’t been seen since (at the ball fields anyway)– stepped up with the bases juiced (no pressure) and slapped a grand slam! Maybe he is a power player!? As if Cement needed more…

Especially not tonight as they really spanked Bre Haul. Cement Heads 25, Bre Haul 11. Jay scored four runs for the Cement Heads… in four consecutive innings.

I caught up with Bre Haul manager Kevin Seitz and his All-star infielder, Edward Allgood, whose three runs weren’t near enough, and the latter said “It’s a rebuild. We’ve lost too many players.”

Indeed, Bre Haul were short tonight. Everywhere…


Over on Diamond B we had a battle of the orange teams! The Crunchers, who used to be Enviro-Tec and wore purple, now dawn all orange. Ackland’s are black and orange– but wait! Ackland’s suddenly are dawning new black uniforms. They’re all black with a thick stripe of red under the arms. Perhaps they’re trying to distance themselves from orange because of this Crunchers team? This could be a point of contention in the league….

However, it was the new orange team taking it to the old one.

By the ninth inning, fan of Ackland, Melissa Gemmell, said: “We must be down a lot. They (the Crunchers) had a few big innings. Now we look lethargic.”

Indeed they did… as the Crunchers took it easily, 27-15. The Crunchers jump to third in league standings.


The undefeated Bon Lane Bushwhackers took on Tota’s Farms trying to remain unbeaten.

Defeat the undefeated, heard Tota’s Farms.

Bon Lane’s Mike Schooley returned to the mound after being struck in the palm of last week’s game with a line drive. “All good now,” he laughed. He showed no ill-affects as he pitched it light-standard high.

Rob Lowes wasn’t that impressed though as he blasted one that nearly took out the planes overhead Optimist Fields in Burford (below). This bomb went out of the deep Diamond B for a homer. Lowes leads the league in Diamond B homeruns, according to him.

Defeat the undefeated.



Later on, Matt Kaufman tried one to the opposite field (left) and he launched one even higher. “Get up ball! Get up!” was heard from Buck Martinez at the Tota bench (Martinez, below). This deep ball needed all the encouragement it could get as it smacked off the top of the fence and landed………over the fence for a homer!

Defeat the undefeated…


Early on it seemed like Tota’s was in all the right spots as Bon Lane was crushing the ball, but right at the Tota fielders. Then as the game progressed, it seemed the Bushwackers were just off Levi Smith’s pitches.

Defeat the undefeated.

And with a double play, no less, Tota’s ended it! Bon Lane is undefeated no more thanks to Tota’s Farms.


It was a very good run for Bon Lane though as they won eight consecutive to start the season. That’s impressive! Impressive enough to still be in first though, with Cement Heads right on their heels as the top two in the league.


The League is back at it Friday night at 6:45! Premier game of the week will see if Bon Lane can rebound or if the Crunchers can stay hot. Also, Tota’s Farms and Ackland’s Insurance fight one another to see who is worthy of .500 in a late contest.


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