“Dad’s Coming Home” | Thank You for your service Dave Levac

When the Ontario Legislature closes the doors, the last one standing has the duty to turn off the lights before going home.

Thanks for your service Dave Levac…Queen’s Park may be dark right now, but it was forever brightened by your commitment.


Dave Levac has served Brant for 20 years in the Provincial legislature, after retiring from an incredible career in education with the separate school board.

Levac finished his past two terms as the Speaker of The House and that speaks volumes about the man. This position is elected by one’s peers from all partisan sectors and puts him in the arbiter seat to oversee rules, procedures and process on a daily basis. Everyone has to trust the integrity of the one taking responsibility for the role and the careful judgement it requires. Dave is all that and more.

“I’m very thankful to have had this opportunity to make sure that our community gets the best it can. We are a wonderful caring community that has continued to absolutely show people that when the time is needed, we come together, we put all of our differences aside, and say we need to fix this or we need to solve this or we need to help this and it’s a beautiful community to do that.” ~Dave Levac, Community Leader

He spoke for his fellow Brantfordians, even occasionally against the talking points of the party. His mandate was as the local ambassador and cheerleader for the community. He got his ‘juice’ from the Special Olympic athletes and his heart from his family.

Special Olympians Heading to National Competition (click image to read article)

He laughs with gusto and cries with sincerity.

He may be retired by the Fall, when the legislature replaces him with a new Speaker, but he is still our Dave and will be our advocate forever.

“I’m going to leave a challenge for people, the challenge is simple, if you like the way your present politicians have acted and like the way in which they’ve carried and conducted themselves demand that of the new politicians. At the provincial level, we’re gonna have somebody that’s going to be brand new to the MPP role. Be insistent that they operate the way you want them to, in a caring way, in a collaborative way, in a way that says that we put our partisan hats off, we set it aside and we work together for the betterment of our community, because it is indeed the greatest place to live work play and raise a family.” ~Dave Levac, former MPP Brant / Speaker of the House

Referencing Vincent Price in the Hamilton TV series from the early 70’s, ‘Hilarious House of Frightenstein’ as he turns out the lights on an illuminating political career:

The castle lights are growing dim…there’s no one left but me…and him…

Dave’s impact is the stuff of community pride and through his humble demeanour, Dave Levac has always been there for all of us. We give him back to his family.

“I have nothing but thanks to you and to my family. My deepest gratitude and my apologies for being away for so much and my love of them for allowing me to serve my community in the way it did.

So basically in a nutshell, Dad’s coming home.” ~Dave Levac, Husband/Father

Fade to Black…applause…applause…applause.

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