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When someone thinks of Elvis, two images come to mind: a certain gyrating Rock and Roll singer; and an incredible Quad jumper of Canadian Olympic Skating fame, Elvis Stojko.



In Paris Ontario, Saturday, there were two Stojkos in the house… Elvis and his lovely and talented bride Gladys Orozco. What an inspirational team they make. They were offering a seminar to the Paris Figure Skating Club about skate jumping, Kung Fu, dance choreography and visioning to overcome fear and doubt.

And their audience was raptured: not just the 80 plus skaters from Paris, Burford, Woodstock, Norwich but the eight coaches and parents! At one-point Elvis asked if there were any questions and the arms flew skyward. And then to autographs.



“Be the best at what you do;

Find your goal; find your fuel and give yourself time to play.

But give 100% to all of these.”



The Paris Figure Skating Club had organized a fundraiser in February and one of the parents Lisa Lewis pitched Paris Figure Skating Club President, Lisa Campbell and her board to invest in training from world champions with the proceeds.

Gladys Orozco, Lisa lewis, Elvis Stojko and President Lisa Campbell

Even the local Subway store helped sponsor the event by feeding everyone at the seminar.


Elvis trains amateur skaters for major competitions, performs in shows like Stars on Ice around the world and offers seminars to skating clubs. They are heading to Japan for three show this month. Gladys is also a National Skating Champion from Mexico works, with Elvis on tours and is a model, TV media consultant and motivational speaker.

They have settled in the Peterborough area on a 140-acre farm enjoying the peacefulness and tranquility that surrounds them. One of the reasons for coming to Paris was the draw of a quaint small-town atmosphere and they stayed at the Arlington Hotel.

Elvis brought wisdom and insight to his keen audience. He shared stories of his own experiences including two Olympic medals, three World Championship recognitions and almost a decade of Canadian Championships. Of course, he is recognized as setting the standard for male skaters to accomplish the famous Quad Toe jump which he mastered as a combination with the Triple Toe jump in combination back in 1995. His message about this accomplishment is that it took 5000 attempts to perfect. He doesn’t see this as 4999 failures but simply practice that took him that route to figure it out. He recalls each event as waking up in the morning and asking himself, ‘How’s that quad going to feel today? What level of readiness am I and what do I need to do to reach 100% perfection.” Elvis advocates ‘A little bit of Truth Serum’ each day. “If you think you can or think you can’t, that’s what will happen. Stop thinking and just do it. Through self-talk he says, ‘I can do this.’ Stojko even puts these words on his mirror reminding that he has to feel the words, see them and live them each and every day.

Finally, he advises young people, “Go for it! You have nothing to lose. Don’t worry what others think. Do what you want to do and love doing it. Do it for yourself, not someone else.”

The Paris Figure Skating Club is opening for registration towards the middle of June and can be reached by clicking below.


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