NDP Candidate Alex Felsky wants to improve health care responsibly

By: Warren Beck

She’s been here before, done that before and is doing it again. NDP candidate for Brant-Brantford Alex Felski ran third against Liberal winner Dave Levac in the 2014 provincial election, just over 5-thousand votes behind Levac and just 14-hundred votes behind second place finisher Phil Gillies. Married with two sons she has wasted little time getting involved in the community since moving to Brantford 11 years ago. She sits on the Grand Erie District School Board. Like most of the candidates, she places health care at the top of the priority list in this election. She’s adamant about improving health care and long term care for seniors. However, while stressing that changes have to be made, they also have to be good changes and affordable. She notes that the Brantford General Hospital, now under provincial control, and at 136 percent over patient capacity when the safe capacity percentage is 85 percent. Another concern is the shortage of nurses. This, she notes, is having a serious affect on health care.

Felski is not shy at taking swipes at both Premier Wynne and Tory leader Doug Ford. She says Wynne`s Liberals have financally `squeezed beyond belief` the people of Ontario, noting the selling of parts of Ontario Hydro as an example. And PC leader Doug Ford, `Well you can`t trust him and he just makes it up as he goes`.

She honestly believes voters in Brant-Brantford are switching their vote from Liberal to NDP in this election.

And if you believe her it might be worth noting that NDP leader Andrea Horwath has visited the Brant-Brantford riding five times since Levac announced he is not running again. Could that be a sign the NDP thinks they can win this riding which has been a Liberal stronghold for close to 15 years. Felski admits she can`t change the world, but can make a difference if elected.

She just may get her chance after June 7th. It will not be the first time Brant-Brantford voters have elected an NDP`r .

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