The Taste of Downtown – Celebrating 10 delicious years

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Harmony Square was a delicious occasion in downtown Brantford.  The music, people and food offerings were plentiful!  The Taste of Downtown was a true taste experience waiting for the community around every corner.

Sample ticket price, three dollars each. Three dollars?  There must be a catch, maybe needing two tickets per tasting … but NO! Low and behold it really was one sample for one ticket!  That is what I love about the small-town connection and giving hospitality in Brantford.

Seven restaurants were ready to invite the community tasters to enjoy.

I had a new co-pilot for this celebration, the one who originally guided this spicy gal along her path of life, my Mom.  Trying new things is not her cup of tea, as she would say, although we love adventures and this was going to be a new foodie experience for her.

Choose carefully, we have four tickets each & the walking distance needs to be our gauge on this day.

Easy first choice! The new addition to downtown, Nine North. Owner Rath greeted our table of two with a smile as we handed her our sampling tickets.  My co-pilot ordered the Mango Salad & I the Pad Thai with fresh vegetables. As we waited it was a buzz of excitement building inside this bright new location.  Our tastings arrived and much to our surprise, the serving size wasn’t sample size yet a bowl of fresh Mango Salad and my piping hot Thai Pad that was fresh, flavourful and filled with pride of the beautiful aromas these dishes offer.  It was two thumbs up delicious as we finished up every last bite.  We bid our farewells to the good folks at Nine North, and ventured to the next destination.

We decided unanimously to head to The Works. Turn right and 12 steps later we arrived to the open garage door with lively music.  After enjoying the fragrant flavours of Viet-Thai Food it was hard to imagine having something equally delicious.  Once we got seated at the front of the house it was easy to get into the cool vibe at The Works.  One sampler of onion rings & one sampler of bacon wrapped potatoes.  It was an enjoyable sampler wait as we watch the anniversary festivities through the open garage door on Dalhousie Street.  And then it arrived! Onion Rings galore!  Seven piping hot massive onion rings on a bed of haystacks, accompanied with a side of garlic bacon aoli!  We decided to just #digin.  The Works offers a cool vibe location with a unique combination of build your own burgers, deep fried sides and salads for the lighter side of goodness.  We were getting full but we were taking one for the team and decided to move along and walk it off … a little!

Devlin’s Advocate was next on the list. Where could enjoy a ¼ lb prime rib burger for three dollars.    We were ready to go for it.   The Advocate outdoor BBQ was simmering, the smell of the grill was inviting, yet the line up was long. After a quick eye connection and nod, we carried on past.  I heard later, that the grilling was awesome and everyone loved the Devlin’s Advocate grill samples.

On our travels we agreed that we weren’t as familiar with Lonnie’s on Market, another one of options and my co-pilot was ready for something cold. Lonnie’s were offering poutine and ice cream, so off we ventured down the street and round the corner. When you walk into Lonnie’s it’s a sight you won’t forget.  Hanging on the wall is an automobile hood in vibrant red listing the endless poutine options on the menu.  The hood was full of ordering options of cheeses, gravy, salsas, pulled pork and so much more.  It was impressive.

Poutine is something I enjoy indulging in and with a selection like this and a three dollar sample ticket I had to go for it!  One poutine and one ice cream. We waited, and again enjoyed the excitement of watching all the samplers from the festivities arrive with tickets in hand.  Already full, yet excited to experience Lonnie’s fresh cut fries … we waited patiently.  An ooegy gooey rich, delicious mess of potatoes, cheese and gravy and all for three dollars arrived at the table. I began the Lonnie’s experience for the first time and fully came to understand why everyone who wants great downtown Brantford Poutine, goes to Lonnie’s.

After feeling very satisfied with great food, a fantastic co-pilot and proud of The City of Brantford’s hospitality for celebrations, my palate was pleased and my buffet pants were being stretched to the limit.  It was time.  Sampling was over. We called it a day with a smile on our faces knowing our community is a proud community that celebrates in style over the one thing that everyone needs … food!

Happy 10th Anniversary Harmony Square!  You throw a delicious party!

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