Burford Slo-Pitch: Pulling from the top

Burford Slo-Pitch: Pulling from the top

By Jesse Ferguson, 4BRANT


In the first early game on Diamond A, the surging #Crunchers edged Tota’s Farms, despite Tota’s Rob Lowes announcing his candidacy for league MVP.

In the other early game, Burford Auto handled Bre Haul pretty easily. Bre Haul ended the game on quite a run, but it was not nearly enough. Auto wracked up 30 runs that night.

And then the rain started, and did it ever come down!

Ackland’s Insurance and Bon Lane didn’t mind the rain.

Mike Schooley on Bon Lane, surprised spectators when he hit a huge jack up and out of Diamond B, through the pouring rain.  A fan said he could not have done this, because his sportsmanship would have gotten in the way of such power.

Ackland’s Jason Demunk is back in action after a lengthy absence with a lower body injury. He was running the bases and didn’t request a substitute runner when he reached base.

“It feels good,” Demunck (pictured below) said. “Probably not the best idea to go straight to playing one-hundred percent. But you know, nothing risked, nothing gained,” he said.

Demuck with Year-Ender Bender championship trophy in Sept. 2014

This may be the boost the Ackland’s team needs and they may not have to have to add at the trade deadline since they have added from within. On Wednesday, they put up a league-high 30 runs, a good start for Demunck’s debut.

The rain made things very interesting. Teams played through a steady stream of water, with few ill-effects though there is little doubt that the umpire could have stopped the game at any instant and teams would’ve understood.

However, in the rain, Bon Lane started things out well, scoring their first few runs.

Ackland’s was very methodical early in the contest getting runners on and knocking them home. In their third inning, they scored six runs! Jeff Richardson scored one of his three runs while Gary Sparks scored one of his game-high four.

Ricky Christou at the plate during the rain. Submitted photo

At the max downpour Demunck legged out a homerun. His recent injury didn’t seem to effect him.

Ackland’s scored in almost every inning tonight, but the ninth, and by then, they didn’t need to. They already had 24 runs. Scoring seven runs in two consecutive innings, the fifth and sixth, certainly made that possible. Every Acklandian scored.

And in the end, it was a big upset. Ackland’s took out the number-one seed Bon Lane Bushwhackers, 24-13.

Next week, game of the week features the #Crunchers against Bon Lane. Also, two 6-8 teams face off, Ackland’s fresh off the stunning victory, play Tota’s Farms, whom just hope to have enough players to adequately field a squad.

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