Burford Slo-Pitch: ‘Takeback!’

Burford Slo-Pitch: ‘Takeback!’ Win by 2

By Jesse Ferguson, 4BRANT

Playing baseball during a heatwave couldn’t have been easy for Burford Slo-Pitch players, but they persevered on Wednesday, July 4.

The first match of the week was the game of the week, the number-two ranked Cement Heads against the hottest team in the league, the #Crunchers.

A tight battle throughout, the lead went to the team with its eyes set on first place (just a half-game behind).

The Cement Heads proved they are serious about first place as they snuck out the marginal win by a mere two runs finishing 16-14.

Now Cement Heads will claim a share of first place with a Bon Lane stumble against Davis Fuels later tonight.


In later action, Tota’s Farms faced Burford Auto in a tight game.

Tota’s got runners aboard immediately and Matt Kaufman drove them home. But Auto fought back hard. They tied the game up in the second frame and went ahead in the fourth, 7-2.

Despite some fire from both teams regarding balls (we won’t say whose), an item of contention was brought up by a Tota player which was not received kindly by Auto.

Tota’s player was mocked but it was revoked by the Auto player whom conceded a point by saying “Okay…takeback” and play resumed with hopefully no other stalls (or bad balls… in play).

This, however, just very well may have been the TSN Turning Point as Tota’s seemed rejuvenated after the dust-up at homeplate.

In the following fifth inning, Tota’s Farms poured it on in vengeance, suddenly scoring seven runs! Aiden Giles (pictured above) later scored amongst this monstrous answer inning for Tota’s that went the maximum, 10 batters.

Auto’s Blaine Box seemed to have difficulty in the game stopping at third. Twice he got himself caught in a bad position of a pickle when he could’ve just stayed on the base. But he learned eventually.

When they needed runs, Tota’s loaded the bags for Dan Moore. He didn’t get all of it but he placed it on right up the middle, scoring all three runs.

After the dust-up, Tota’s stomped on Auto (not literally). Seven runs in the fifth, three in the sixth, six more in the seventh and three more in the eighth made it so they would not need a ninth. Auto’s five-run ninth was not enough, as they fall 21-16. In the win, Giles, Moore, Tommy Smith, Roberto Lowes, and even Jon Chambers scored three times.

All in all, tonight had 75% of its games end in with teams winning by just two runs. Bre Haul edged Ackland’s 19-17, Bon Lane did not slip, but they squeaked by number eight Davis Fuels by a sleeper score, 9-7; while the Cement Heads edged the #Crunchers, 16-14. The lone team that won by more than two runs was Tota’s, who topped Auto 25-16.


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