D+D United Martial Arts make like Chuck Norris in Mexico

D+D United Martial Arts make like Chuck Norris in Mexico

By Jesse Ferguson, 4BRANT

When Chuck Norris crosses the street, the cars have to look both ways….

Brantford resident, Bryon Davis, whom is the owner of D&D United Martial Arts Academy on Stanley St., had his first inspiration of martial arts from Norris himself.

From there, it went! Eventually Davis became an instructor, and much farther down the line became a fifth degree black belt. Davis (below, right) recently travelled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with his team to compete in the 2018 International Congress of Martial Arts (ICOMA) World Championships.

D&D United’s competitors made up much of Team Canada’s 60 or so competitors and represented Brantford and their country admirably as they competed against several other countries, such as the United States, Mexico, Panama, and others.

Some of the Brantford contingent of Team Canada is pictured above with the Ontario flag, which is courtesy of Dave Levac. Back row, left to right: Bryon Davis, Linda Davis, Amber Beauregard, Sabrina Beecraft, Greg Green, Cole VonLukaweicki, and Kelsey Cooper; Front row, left to right: Adrik Whittam, Curtis Creery, Hunter Green, and Colton Green.

Their accomplishments are widespread. In total, they brought home enough medals that they were lucky to make it past airport security. In total, they took home 29 medals.

Sensei Bryon Davis: Triple Crown Winner- three Gold medals (in weapons, forms, and sparring), plus a Silver (open weapons)
Sempai Kelsey Cooper: two Bronze medals (in forms and synchronized)
Mrs. Linda Geikie Davis: Silver (forms) and Bronze (synchronized)
Ms. Sabrina Beecraft: Silver (sparring)
Amber Beauregard: one Silver (weapons) and one Bronze (forms)
Cole VonLukawiecki: one Gold (open weapons), two Silvers (weapons and sparring), and one Bronze (forms)
Adrik Whittam: two Gold (forms and chanbara) and two Silver (weapons and synchronized)
Greg Green: one Gold (weapons) and one Silver (forms)
Colton Green: one Gold (weapons) and two Silver (forms and synchronized)
Hunter Green: two Bronze (weapons and forms)
Curtis Creery: three Silver (weapons, sparring, and chanbara)

“We usually do well overall because the kids work so hard,” commented a humble Davis.

For more information on D & D Martial Arts Academy, visit ddunited.com or come into 174 Stanley St. to check the place out! Or, contact Sensei Bryon at dd.united@hotmail.com or call at (519) 754 – 5425

Just remember, Bryon Davis (like Chuck Norris) always talks about Fight Club. And he’s allowed.

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