Food Curiosity: What is a Buddha Bowl

Along my delicious foodie travels in Brant, I continue to meet so many incredibly talented and passionate food entrepreneurs. 

People are generally curious about food and the incredible flavour combinations in a Buddha Bowl are no exception.  What is this bowl of goodness with a curious name that keeps us wanting to learn more for good health?  The flavours, the name, the garlic sauce, the roasted sweet potatoes … oh my!

I love diving into this healthy bowl of goodness but I wanted to know how to make it at home as well.  I turned to local food expert & nutritional coach Nelsy Dinsmore, owner & food creator of Silverstone Energy who creates Buddha Bowls with a passion for good health!   AND the sauce … her Garlic Sauce is out of this world, and I have heard that some love it so much they may want to bathe in it!  #truestory

When I connected with Nelsy, she was delighted to share her stories of good for you food in a Buddha Bowl.

Nelsy begins our connection with her vision of creating great food in everything she prepares for others to enjoy. 

‘Pure and powerful,’ were the very first words used to describe Buddha.  These words also describe the way I feel about the food we need to eat in order to nourish our bodies.  Every time we eat, we have a very important decision to make; will we fuel each and every cell with vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and delicious goodness, or will we turn to processed, empty calories that don’t give our bodies the fuel we need to feel amazing and full of energy!

At Silverstone Energy the bowls are filled with delicious, wholesome, pure and powerful ingredients.  They all start off with a warm layer of quinoa (which is known as the mother grain), then a layer of beautiful green spinach.  They are topped off with wholesome options and delectable sauces (depending on which Buddha bowl you choose), and always a dollop of love.  The most popular bowl is The Warrior. The roasted sweet potato, pairs oh so beautifully with the balsamic red onions, walnuts, cranberries and goat cheese, but oh, don’t forget the sauce.  The sauce Silverstone Energy drizzles on this bowl of goodness is a creamy garlic “secret sauce” which has no gluten, no dairy, and vegan friendly. 

I was feeling inspired about creating my own version of Buddha Bowls after connecting with Nelsy.  These bowls can last up to three or four days in your refrigerator and are absolutely pure and powerful in every delicious bite.

Stay tuned for the next Food Curiosity, “how to make a great bowl of quinoa.  


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