A compassionate community.

When Jamie Stephens announced his ‘Compassion Through Comedy‘ campaign again this year, it really touched my heart. Just thinking about giving ten random strangers the gift of an incredible comedy show thrilled me.

Our community has it’s share of negativity, unfortunate happenings, and people down on their luck. Anything from a death of a loved one, illness, homelessness, car thefts, break and enters, assaults, on-line fraud, unwanted drug activity, and of course financial struggles.

The beauty of his Compassion Through Comedy concept is that it doesn’t matter what the struggle is, when someone is given a free ticket to the gala night for Brantford’s Comedy Festival on Saturday September 22, 2018, they’re given a couple of hours of pure laughter allowing them to temporarily forget all their troubles.

In the midst of the audience inside the Sanderson Center, recipients will witness the buildings historical beauty, and seven of the greatest upcoming comedians all competing to win the $10,000 cash prize.

If you’re interested to send ten random strangers to this show, ‘Compassion Through Comedy’ ticket packages start at $200 which include two tickets for yourself. I’ll be sending ten people and I think it’s the best gift I can give; laughter.

To purchase tickets, and make an impact on our communities spirit, please contact Jamie Stephens at 519-755-8529, or email: contact@jamiestephens.ca  

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