Burford Slo-Pitch: Trigger pulled too early

Burford Slo-Pitch: Trigger pulled too early

By Jesse Ferguson, 4BRANT

The Brantford Red Sox finished their season in the bottom half of the league, meaning as playoffs started, they would not appear at home on their usual Wednesday night. That meant I could checkout the Burford Men’s Slo-Pitch league without conflict, so all was well!

It did rain very hard through the day, early in the afternoon, but when it stopped, we were left with beautiful weather that featured no wind, devoid of any precipitation… just a few clouds. And sunshine until sundown.

The City of Brantford seems to cancel the Red Sox game every other week for very little precipitation in the day, deeming the field “unplayable”– as everyone scoffs. A former Red Sox player who preferred to remain anonymous said: “They (the Red Sox, at Arnold Anderson Stadium) have homeplate facing the sun,” yet “it’s a rainout if the weatherman mentions anything about rain.”

On the other hand, Burford Men’s Slo-Pitch League has been notorious of playing through anything, including broken light standards and torrential downpours where you were soaked in a second of being caught without shelter.

But that was when the field started in decent conditions and turned after play had begun.

Today though, it rained early, meaning the County of Brant had time to intervene.

So what did they elect to do?

They took a page out of the City of Brantford’s guidelines– Brantford Parks and Rec– and axed the slate of games in Burford for Wednesday, August 8th. And they did it at 1:22PM (as reported on Twitter).

One angry respondent on Twitter, a Jackie Moon, explained their outrage, “Pulled the trigger to[o] soon again! Great job!”

I went to the fields to check them out and they looked good, except for the plate, which is pictured above. But that was the only thing.

Another player showed up at the fields unaware of the cancellation and said, “Pour some dirt on it and it’d be fine!”

In fact, a post made from June shows the same plate– after being manicured– in equal conditions but unfortunately, that picture has since been removed.

Tota Farms’ Rob Lowes (pictured below) was another at the field tonight. “We have played through much, much worse,” he said.

“It’s a joke,” a player complained.

CP24 reported the temperature as 22 degrees at 8PM with the sun beaming away, “getting drier by the minute,” explained another player.

The Burford Men’s Slo-Pitch League hopes to resume action next Wednesday. Next week features games which no team is in similar standing of their opponent. In fact, the closest match by standings is Bre Haul at 8-9 against Auto, which is 4-12.

But anything can happen in this league. 

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