Motorcycle enthusiasts gather in Paris, Ontario

Although attendance at Tuesday’s Bike Night In Paris (BNIP) was lower than expected due to weather, approximately 700 people and 400 motorcycles came in support of Big Brothers and Sisters of Grand Erie (BBSGE).

The first to arrive were friends Dale, and Darcy from Kitchener at 4:30 p.m. I asked random people where they came from, and the furthest I heard was Roni from Welland. She mentioned her ride into Paris was an hour and forty five minutes. Thanks for making the trip on those back roads!

However, Jeff Hoyle posted, “Rained on my way home to Ajax” on the Bike Night In Paris FaceBook page, so sorry Roni, Jeff wins. 

Some riders, including Jordan and Nicole from Oakville, and another from Waterdown, had short stops beneath bridges to avoid the rain before arriving tonight, as I’m sure many others did as well.

In drives this custom green bike with a massive 11″ wide front tire and a male rider you can’t miss. So colourful, wearing bright green sunglasses and orange trimmed vest, “The Dog” and his bike, “Riddler” parked in the specially reserved area of the LCBO parking lot. This was a real crowd pleaser as people gathered around.

Pictures from this evening, taken by myself, can be viewed at Back Of The Room Photography.

While speaking with Rene, and other volunteers from BBSGE, I learned that they are still in need of adult volunteers to mentor the waiting youth. If you can spare a few hours per week, please consider volunteering and register here.

Mark and Paul were on duty at their barbecue station offering veggie dogs as an alternative, which by the way, are actually good! The weather delayed the corn roast tonight, and is rescheduled for August 21, 2018.

Tonight’s 50/50 winner was announced at 7:30pm and took home $317.00. Congratulations!

As for police presence, one officer made an appearance and patrolled the area ensuring proper traffic flow.

The motorcycle collection at BNIP is impressive and worth coming to see. So many interesting bikes and people. I’m glad my friend Ken and I ventured out because it was a great evening full of people watching, music from Boogie Infection, good food, conversation, and of course, the bounty of motorcycles.

Let’s hope that the weather cooperates for the next BNIP on August 21.


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