Arts on Fire at the River – A Grand Day!

Seven bonfires and a native drum circle marked the end of the second annual Day on the Grand Festival took place on Saturday September 8 in and around Brant’s Crossing.  Events took place throughout the afternoon beginning at 3pm with artists, music, nature walks and theatre. This local event brought out some of Brantford and area’s most interesting creative people.  

The event featured various musical acts on ‘the stage’ in the grassy clearing, on the surface of the skate park, and under the bridge overpass.  An array of artists offered demonstrations and workshops.

Colleen Frances – Contributing photographer

The river provides a beautiful backdrop for the grassy stage (band: The Cellar Dwellers).


Colleen Frances -contributing photographer

Johnny Hover entertains under the overpass.


Dean Ellis – Contributing photographer

Loril Shannik and Dan MacDonald, also known as Cymer, entertain on the skate park surface.


Fleur-Ange Lamothe -contributing photographer

A large aluminum piece by Dave Hind blends in perfectly to its natural surroundings on the trail.


Fleur-Ange Lamothe -contributing photographer

A large painting was created over the course of the afternoon by artists Julie Whitbread, Aliki Mikulich and Heather Verplanke (pictured).


Dean Ellis – contributing photographer

Artist Arlene Laskey enjoying the day sketching and drawing.


Dean Ellis – contributing photographer



Dean Ellis – contributing photographer

Fleur-Ange Lamothe and her cape creation led a sewing workshop.


Colleen Frances – contributing photographer

Dean Gugler leads a nature walk to identify wild flowers in the area.


Dean Ellis – contributing Photographer

Various bands played throughout the event.


Fleur-Ange Lamothe – contributing photographer

Screen printing demonstrations.

Dean Ellis – contributing photographer

Life drawing for all ages by D.J. Avery Tanner.

Dean Ellis – contributing photographer

An interactive mosaic demonstration for all ages offered by Suzanne Coverett-Earls.


Dean Ellis – contributing photographer

The day ended beautifully and appropriately with bonfires on the river and native drumming and singing.

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