Brant Kids put love in their baking | McMaster Children’s Hospital wins!

There is so much hope for our future generations when a bunch of local kids decide a summer project would show commitment to others in desperate need.

For the past three years, these dedicated kids have had the plan to donate their time in order to help people in Brant. Nova Vita was a previous recipient. This year, the kids chose to focus on the children being treated at McMaster Children’s Hospital.

Many kids in Brant have had life saving surgery and specialized medical treatments there and these kids wanted to give something back.

So, they dedicated their time in a neighbourhood giveaway, “Baby Cookies’. The first five entrepreneurs were: Aaliyah Lea, Braelyn Lea, Cierra Lea, Emily Bielik, and Elle Bielik; and this year their staff grew by almost fifty percent to include their friends, Sophia Johnson and Avery Martin.

With an incredible $1000 goal, these elementary school children gave away their cookies in hopes of encouraging simple donations. They raised $1015 this year!

Mom, Jennifer Babister, learned how great the need was at McMaster, “When we delivered the girls’ donation we were met by Orna Richter (of the McMaster Foundation). She was fantastic, she gave all the girls a bear and also explained to us what their donation was going to. I was taken away when we were told that all of the equipment as well as the activities such as crayons, iPads, toys, etc. are not government funded and were all obtained from their community donors!”

One of this year’s top priority projects will be to fundraise for a neurosurgical microscope. The microscope will provide high magnification and detailed imagery to perform the most delicate surgery on small patients. Greater surgical accuracy will result in safer procedures with a level of detail that was once considered unattainable.
Kristy Bielik, Joe Bielik, Jennifer Yin-Johnson, Noel Johnson, Don Lea and Jennifer Babister are understandably proud of what a difference their mini-bakers have made!

When the community philanthropy microscope turns to Brant, the rest of us see young kids with big hearts and a smart sense of what is truly a priority, giving to those in need.

Well done young ladies.

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