A cleaner Brantford: Tracey Bucci

Tracey Bucci is a very passionate woman who is making a difference in Brantford and has done so for almost two decades.


Ten volunteers gathered behind Brantford Commons South mall on Sunday where Bucci distributed gloves, caution tape, clear garbage bags for recycling, black garbage bags, and asked everyone to sign a waiver of insurance.

She advised participants to put yellow caution tape near any needles that were found, and urged everyone to not touch them. Only Bucci and James Reed would collect and dispose of needles into the hazardous waste bin. Safety first.

Bucci volunteers her time to the city through the  Grand River Environmental Group focusing on cleaning up the Grand River, and protecting our environment.  The Brantford Guardian Angels group, which was founded on September 25, 2018, offers friendship, support, safety, nonperishable food items, clothes, blankets and other items to those in need. 

New volunteers are always welcome. 

Surprisingly, Bucci personally funds and leads both volunteer groups.   

Sponsorship opportunities are available.   

Everyone had an opinion about the area. Concerns were raised about drug use, the city’s involvement, land ownership, and Bucci responded to each concern with professionalism and passion. Ideas, possible solutions, and personal stories were heard, as each volunteer had their own reasons for attending.

The clean up lasted two hours and the pictures speak for themselves.

She’s a woman of action and is rallying the community to help.

Photography provided by: Back Of The Room Photography / Luvern Mornin


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