Brant Writer Launches First Book | It’s 25 times more awesomeness!

Above, daughter Ella is so understandably proud of her Mom, Sarah Pass Martin.

According to everyone who surrounds her, Sarah Pass is awesome…

However,  she decided to write about 25 other local Awesome People that have given her insight, inspiration and community pride. She refers to them as Go-Getters and Go-Givers. Pass wants her efforts: to write a book; while running a blog to add value to discussion in the community; have a healthy and happy family relationship; and offer inspiration to other Moms so they can also, ‘Go out on that skinny branch… to share their stories!”

Avery Kloss, in the book’s Foreword, reflects on:

“Those people who put their whole selves out into the world, seemingly without fear of failure or embarrassment. Those people who are continually making us think, Whoa, I wish I was more like them… Those people are the reason this book even exists in the first place…awesomeness exists in each of us.”

At the Bell City Brewing launch event, Pass’s family including children Ella and Gavin are at her side, as always, cheering her and her awesomeness along,

…and several dozen friends and supporters in a standing ovation, Pass thanked her entourage for all they did to encourage her passion for writing.

“Not every conversation will change your life, but every conversation has the ability to do so.”

Introducing Sarah were her media team under Trevor Cherewka, President of Smashing Pixels,  and supporter Dave Levac, Retired Speaker of the House for the Ontario legislature.

Levac, Dr. Stacey Cooper and  Ron Mourra  took the opportunity of this launch to trade their copies in order to share autographs with fellow subjects of awesomeness. A fourth entry, Craig Peeling sang his awesomeness for the assembled crowd.

You will likely recognize many of Sarah’s chosen 25 in this book but will learn, as she did, that there is so much more to our friends, neighbours and community leaders when we take the time to talk with them. Wise advice. The irony is not lost that as generations become more digitally connected with the world, it takes old school communication, a book, to remind us to take time for people… face to face.


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