KML’s Hair Studio volunteers services to homeless.

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Hairdressers are stepping up to style the less fortunate.

On Monday December 10th, the less fortunate are being offered a free haircut at St. Andrews Church, (at 95 Darling Street), from 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m.. Clients are welcome to stay and enjoy the free lunch served afterwards.

Nancy Rawson, a member of Helping Hands For The Homeless group, asked her hairdresser if she would be interested to provide free hair cuts for homeless people. Marilyn Stoffelsen, co-owner of KML Studio Family Hair Care, agreed without hesitation, as well as her lifelong friend, and co-owner, Lori Bartram. 

“Sure. Why wouldn’t I?” Stoffelsen said when she was asked to volunteer. 

This will be Marilyn’s first time providing haircuts for homeless people, however, she’s a world traveler who volunteers her many skills overseas, as well as locally.

Stoffelsen’s and Bartram’s team of four professional hairdressers, possibly five, are offering free hair cuts to both men, and women.

“Yup no problem. Give me the date,” was the collective response from their hairstylists to participate.

The men are being offered a beard trim, and/or removal option, however, hair washing won’t be provided because the facility doesn’t have the required equipment.

When their two nail technicians heard about this, they asked, “Can we come do nails?” so both sexes will be offered a mini-manicure, and paint colour if desired.

Cheryl Ann Churchill, founder of Helping Hands For The Homeless, accepts donations and provides basic needs items. Should you wish to volunteer, or donate, please contact Churchill on the FaceBook group.

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