The Power Of Community – Brantford Guardian Angels

As the weather gets colder Brantford Guardian Angles are helping the homeless.

On Saturday November 3rd at 3:30 p.m., seven volunteers joined Tracey Bucci of Brantford Guardian Angels, (BGA), to distribute basic items to the homeless.

Four new volunteers joined for the day’s giving; all of them hearing about Bucci’s efforts through Facebook.  Two people were friends, and a married couple that donated five bags of clothing, pictured on the far left.  James Reed, a core member, is pictured in the center, and available to answer questions.

The group didn’t notice homeless people near the skate park pavilion which is where some are known to gather. They headed to Tim Horton’s downtown location at 4:00 p.m..  Once inside, each volunteer connected with a homeless person.  Either by conversing, buying them a coffee, or Tim’s gift card, and offering any items they had to donate.  One man received an armful of items, and was sincerely grateful for the assistance, while others were pleased to receive a coffee, donut, and conversation.

Loraina Koopman, a core member of the BGA, brought zip lock bags with items for men and women.  Each bag contained a hat, gloves, socks, lip balm, and an assortment of candy.  As you can see from the pictures, these items are all new, and Koopman pays for them herself.

Mens care package.

Womens care package.




Tracey Bucci and William Power

William Power contacted Bucci a couple of weeks ago and told her he was stuck in a very difficult situation.  Power was living out of his car in Toronto.  A serious accident traveling between 80-100 kilometres per hour, not only knocked him unconscious, but it ruined his vehicle/temporary home. Luckily he walked away without a scratch.  Bucci reached out to the community through Facebook, because of her genuine love of helping others. 

I watched his FaceBook story unfold and Bucci’s short post asking for help had over 100 comments. Four hours later, she shared that Power had found a place to live. 

This is not a typical time-frame to secure housing. Power had very special circumstances which are not revealed here.

That’s the power of community.  That’s the power of Brantford.  

Today, we met Power for the first time.  Everyone was thrilled to learn that he has secured a permanent apartment in Brantford, and made a new friend. 

They were sharing their passion of singing together (busking), on the street outside Tim Horton’s.

Power and his friend volunteered on Saturday to pay it forward and plan to come again this Saturday.

If you would like to join in Bucci’s cause, please follow her page Brantford Guardian Angels Group” on FaceBook.  Her group of volunteers meet every Saturday at 3:30 p.m. at Brant skate park behind the casino. 

New volunteers are always welcome, even if it’s only for one afternoon, and stay as long as they want.  Feel free to join the experience, or simply observe if you are nervous about interacting. 

The homeless people of Brantford live among us, and most are willing to engage in light conversation.  Considering how many people turn them away at a glance, a smile and a, ‘Hi, how are you?’ does have a positive impact.

Curious about what happens?  Visit the downtown Tim Horton’s on Saturday afternoon.  Be a customer.  

Photography provided by: Back Of The Room Photography.


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