Kitchen tips for good health and a busy December schedule – Day 1

Counting down the days to Christmas with Spicy Jan – Day 1

Oh Instant Pot Oh Instant Pot … same traditional tune, new catchy jingle.  It’s that time of year when holiday festivities & cheer are upon us and over indulging is oh so close at hand. Around every corner is a potluck, get-together, work luncheon, baking exchanges, the yum is endless yet the dinner time dilemma still continues on. This month I will share simple at home ideas for you to discover. Whether the craving for gourmet meals, healthy snacks on the go or soup for two, follow the ideas for you and yours to enjoy this December when you arrive at home after a busy day.  I love using the Instant Pot and will share some of my favourite recipes so you can feel like a healthy meal is always a doable option in your home.  Join me in my kitchen and explore what’s cooking.  Uncover some simple ideas for good health at the most wonderful time of the year.  We are all busy and finding the time to stop and nourish you, is a key part of enjoying the holidays.  It begins with your good health.

December 1 – Let’s begin at the beginning with a simple Saturday what to prepare and have on hand that is a simple protein go to, for everyone in your home. Hard pressure cooked eggs done to perfection in 5.

Thanks to this digital pressure cooker called the Instant Pot, preparing hard cooked eggs has never been easier.  Let’s walk through this together.

  • Pour 1 cup of water into your IP
  • Place the rack inside the pot
  • Carefully place 5 eggs onto the rack
  • Place lid securely in place
  • Ensure the valve is set correctly in the ‘steam’ position
  • Set the digital display at manual high pressure for 5 minutes

Once the timer is up and the five beeps are heard, the secret is to let the eggs stand for 5 minutes while the Instant Pot is starting the NR (natural release) process.  When the display indicates 5, meaning it has been on NR for 5 minutes, then begin a QR (quick release) by venting the steam valve to the venting position. Once that is completed, and the valve drops it’s time to open your pressure cooker.

Once the eggs are cooled to touch, you will be amazed how simple they peel for enjoying.  Remember, this is a great high protein quick and easy addition to every refrigerator.   Grab and go, take for a quick lunch or midday snack, smash with some delicious vinegar of Balsamic Fig and your favourite seasoning and have on a piece of rye toast, the ideas are endless for a simple good for you food that can always be available for good health.

Happy December 1, you are worth the time it takes to have something delicious and ready for you and your busy December schedule.  Cheers to the most wonderful time of the year!

Follow the foodie fun with Spicy Jan at every day in December 2018!  Bon Appetite!

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