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Santa Bulletin Board:

Brant Region, Canada

To Delivery Elves:

Please be advised that there are some changes in our labeling for delivery to Brant and Brantford City Councils:

Add Davey Bailey as ‘His Worshippy’ for Brant County

and Kevey Davis as ‘His Worshippy’ for Brantford;

Joshey Wall, Newby-Fro-Councillor and Jan-ey Vanderstelt, as Redux-Councillor in the City; Newby-Councillors Johnny McAlpine, Marc-ey Laferriere, Stevey Howes and Johnny Bell in the County; Newby-Trustees Public School Board Chrissie Speers and Susie Gibson. All other incumbents are welcomed back to the same addresses.

NOTE 1: Please put on hold any intended coal assignments until after next year’s budget deliberations

NOTE 2: And please add a taste of sugar goodies to those that ran unsuccessfully, democracy has its perks after all, win or lose.

NOTE 3: There are no naughty list additions for retired elected officials…they’ve survived the worst of it already and deserve a break.

To RESPU membership (Reindeer-Elite-Sled-Pullers-Union):

Super job in those practice runs at parades across the region! Your discipline, choreography and rigid stature was not lost on the crowds of thousands that weathered the cold and rain. You made me, and those special helpers of mine: JCI; volunteers; and participants proud to bring the spirit of the season to boys and girls of all ages along the routes.

Oh, and by the way, there will be educational sessions in the new year mandated under the health and safety committee to learn how to maneuver traffic circles.

Looking Back over 2018:

Santa tried sprinkling that new magic dust over all of Brant. I’m told it will turn political turmoil into reasoned debate. However, the scientist elves in the Santa Lab aren’t clear if it will only have a honeymoon effect just into the Spring or become part of the Brant DNA. We shall see what we see… and adjust the naughty list accordingly.

Santa thanks retired M.P.P. Davey Levac for his yeoman’s service on behalf of the folks of Brant and recognizes his record setting term as Speaker of the House at Queen’s Park. I hear he still has the political leverage to convince McMaster University to create a professorial position as ‘Explainer of the Sandbox’.

…And welcomes the new M.P.P. Willy Bouma to the local sandbox.

Special note in the County: retired Mayor Ronny Eddy managed to exceed the record for length of elected service previously held by Hurricane Hazel McCallion of Mississauga. Take a well-deserved break your Honour, and that look tells me you didn’t hear your lovely child-bride Janice’s Christmas wish… it’s your turn to do the cooking, the laundry, the cow schlepping and farm business management.

Santa also recognizes the property management team,, Lynden Park Mall, for taking the sad demise of Sears and making the vacant location available for the wonderful Christmas Basket Program to extend the spirit of Christmas to many in town less fortunate than others.

Who can forget Santa’s favourite Paris Port Dover Pipe Band as the opening act for a couple of Sir Rod Stewart’s Ontario performances

Sir Rod Stewart and the Paris Port Dover Pipe Band. Photographer Adam Hislop, ‘Atomic Spark’ Brantford

and as the only 21 Canadians represented at the world’s largest Edinburgh Military Tattoo for the entire month of August.

Santa is amazed that over two million dollars was donated locally this past year through all kinds of Brant fundraisers: for bicycle tours, motorcycle group rides, golf, the airshow, Power of the Purse, dozens of runs and sports draws, United Way, Food Bank, service clubs like Rotary, Kiwanis and Kinsmen to name just a few. Lansdowne Children’s Centre, BGH, Brantwood, and St. Joseph’s Life Care Centre have been fortunate some of the major recipients to allow for needed growth and expansion of services.

Going along with the fundraisers there is a culture of volunteerism like none other that works to help our community in: social services; family needs, homelessness; care and courtesy for others; sporting events; victim services and health. Santa sees tireless individuals donating thousands of hours and commitment each year to make life better in Brant.

Santa sees Canadian art is celebrated through individual Brant artisans, their diverse creative outlets and galleries; the home of Group of Seven artist Lawren Harris; location productions for television and films, such as Murdock Mysteries, Handmaid’s Tale and The Cuban; Glenhyrst Gardens, Woodland Cultural Centre and Brantford Artisan Village venues

A special St. Nick thank you goes to Aliki Mikulich, Art Editor for opening a new window on the art community sharing the passion of Dave McCreary,  works by Heather VollansJeanette ObbinkChelo SebastianLinda Blakney and Aliki Mikulich, Brantford Jazz, Arts on fire, Homedale Artisan Market just to name a few.

Santa also recognizes the efforts of City Council 2006-2010 under Mayor Mikey Hancock that had the foresight as directed by ‘The South Side Six’ under Chair Marky Littell that managed the cleanup of Downtown to allow the evolution of the new completion of the Laurier-YMCA complex on the south side of Colborne as well as opening of Harmony Square a decade ago. 

Santa sends his best to Petey Ham for his incredible contribution to hockey over the past several decades and sheds a tear given this year’s sale of Peter’s Brantford Blast.

Santa welcomes the new BCHSys CEO Davey McNeil,

and a whole new Board of Governors under Chair Pauly Emerson to bring fiscal responsibility and exemplary patient care to Brant.

Thanks to all the tasty tips and spicy food and recipe reviews of Spicy Jan, the Foodie Editor at,  Santa hears there will be mystery diners again in the new year to review local eateries…with a twist… Santa will be making incognito trips back to town to help!

This year’s 10th Anniversary Harmony Square celebration brought the square’s spirit of the community back in focus again.  Santa’s hunger for unique food is also on his nice list for new restaurants in the downtown Brantford core, some that hosted a bunch of Town Criers like Nine Northnext to the Sanderson Centre for Viet/Thai cuisine;

Two former mayors, Friel and Hancock hosted the event, with Mrs. Heart Su, who named the square in a contest in 2010.

Other new culinary delights are found at new establishment downtown: Hip Hop Café for Jamaican delights next to the Urban Hookups and hair styling on Colborne; JamRock Jerk Kitchen on Dalhousie near Market; and Good Friends Sandwich Company on West Street.

It is with great pleasure that Santa reflects on five generations of his St. George children, particularly remembering the Nixon Family and the renaming Nixon Way for that section of Highway 5 where the generations of family grew up, and became world recognized civic leaders. 

Santa hears Brantford’s special Town Crier, Davey McKee is heading waaaaay south to uphold his international reputation in Australia next year… I suppose the U.K. trip was just a kick-off… Santa can relate to that. 


Finally, Santa and Mrs. Claus wish everyone the happiest of holidays and Christmas celebrations for everyone in Brant.

Be kind, be considerate and be safe.


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