Instant Pot done delicious and oh so good for you – Day 5

Counting down the days to Christmas with Spicy Jan – Recipe day 5

Oh Instant Pot Oh Instant Pot … same traditional tune, new catchy jingle! Hum it loud and proud as you tie up your apron, because you are going to prepare a simple savoury fish dinner for all to enjoy!

Preparing a solid white filet or a steak cut of salmon for dinner, can be incredibly savoury and so good for you when you pressure cook using the Instant Pot.  This simple way of cooking fish is very easy, quick, and cooked to perfection.  For starters, work with a fresh caught fish like the cod or salmon flown in weekly from the East Coast, all thanks to Jiggs n’ Reels Seafood in Paris, Ontario.  Once you try it, you won’t look at store bought frozen fish the same.

Let’s begin.  Pour one cup of water into the IP, place the rack inside with the handles facing up, then place ½ chopped onion into the water.  Gently lay the fish onto the rack offering a wee bit of space in between the fillets.   If you have handled the fish, now is the right time to take a moment to wash your hands with soap and warm water, before you proceed.  Sprinkle your favourite seasoning on top of the fresh fish.  I love Lemony Dill Seasoning with a dollop of a Thai Chili Sauce on top for sweet and savoury flavours. You can use whatever your taste buds desire …  paprika, cut lemons, pepper garlic, a sprig of dill and squeeze of lemon, the options for endless and all about you!

Next place the lid securely in place. Remember it will beep and the display will tell you, if the lid is not securely in place.  On the digital display key in  Manual HP (high pressure) for 6 minutes (using the + key) depending on how thick, could be 5.  Remember to ensure your steam dial on the lid, it set for ‘seal.’

While the fish is cooking, I take the few minutes to prepare a quick hearty side salad to enjoy with the fish.  I love a kale and red cabbage salad with home-prepared apple cider vinegar dressing.  Takes on a few moments to pull together.

When you hear the 5 beeps of the IP indicating it’s finished,  do a QR (quick release).  I don’t typically leave fish for a NR (natural release) as it will then overcook and it does not need any more cook time.   Release the steam with a QR and serve the fish with your side salad and a gourmet meal has been prepared in a snap.  No greasy oven or dishes to clean, and a healthier option for dinner, at this busy time of the year.  Oh yes, enjoy a nice sip of Howell Road Cider flagship cider as a refreshing dry side beverage complement, to your meal. Cheers!


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