DANGER | Toxic Garbage Dumped

The Brantford Police Service is currently investigating after illegally dumped material was discovered at three separate locations within the City.

The Brantford Police Service would like to warn the public about this investigation. If any member of the public comes across any materials that have been discarded, please do not approach them, contact the Police, Fire Department or the City to report its location

Over the weekend the Brantford Police Service was contacted regarding illegally dumped material that was found at two separate locations in the City.

 These location were in the area of Spalding Ave and Golf Road. A third location was discovered this morning in the area of Edge Street.

 In all three locations containers containing unknown substances/industrial chemicals were found to be illegally dumped.

The Brantford Police Service is working in conjunction with the Brantford Fire Department and the City of Brantford to safely investigate and clean up that material. The Brantford Police Service believes that the materials that were discarded may have belonged to and are by-products from an illegal controlled drug lab.


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