Paris Figure Skating Club 2019 Carnival | Best of Generation ‘Z’

Backstage, the athletes are diligently preparing and limbering up… Generation ‘Z’ is ready!

The ice surface is emblazoned with spotlights and effects.

Suddenly, the pride and enthusiasm of commitment and training bursts forth through the applause of loved ones from Brant and Brantford 

Welcome to the 56th Annual Paris Figure Skating Club  2019 Carnival….BEST OF GENERATION ‘Z’

Over 160 skaters, boys and girls, display the labour of a year in preparations by an entire volunteer organization of parents and several professional coaches. Recently retired after over 20 years as coach, Sheila MacDonald can understandably feel a pride in accomplishment on the ice this day. Penny Howell, Director leading the ice performance. Lindsay Percival, as Carnival Chair has all the volunteers in place for comfort of the over 1200 guests during the three shows. And of course Lisa Campbell, President.

Well done, everyone…well done.

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