Ontario Lt. Governor Meets Local Influencers in Paris

Brant was honoured by the visit of Ontario Lt. Governor Dowdeswell to a roundtable discussion, invited  by Mayor Bailey, with community members he has shared volunteerism and whom have been instrumental in acting as local ambassadors for the region.

Photo Courtesy Melissa Connor, Supervisor of Communications, County of Brant

Appropriately, the ‘Story-Teller-in-Chief’ Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, met Mayor Bailey  at an historic location; The Dominion Telegraph Centre was formerly in the back of the Robert White Shoe Store on Grand River St., Paris. This is where the world’s first long distance telephone call was received from Alexander Graham Bell in 1876 ten miles away in Brantford.

Grand River Street, Paris Ontario today

Same Section of Grand River Street in 1800’s, Courtesy of Paris Historical Society

The Lt. Governor heard stories of positivity and enthusiasm about the region and shared her passions for economic prosperity, environmental stewardship and social expression.

“I am again pleased to hear about resilience in the face of change, finding dignified work opportunity, and attention to the role of ageing demographics. I believe in the potential of municipal government to create a feeling of belonging and home as the place to be.”

Mayor David Bailey invited the Grand River Grannies to join the roundtable discussion on volunteerism.

The Grand River Grannies made an inspirational presentation to a group of local collaborative influencers and Lt. Governor Dowdeswell. This core group of Grandmothers have distinguished themselves through their fundraising of over $200,000 on behalf of the needs of people in Sub Sahara Africa. They value their supporters, fondly referred to as the ‘Grand Others’, for serving many in Jinja, Uganda with water quality solutions, school development and economic initiatives.

“We were grateful for the Grand River Grannies and their efforts to help others, no matter where in the world they live,” said Mayor David Bailey. “Volunteers are an integral part of our society and the backbone of our community.”

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