Printmaker, Printmaker Make Me a Print!

Local Artist, Kristine MacGregor live west of Cathcart in Brant county where she works out of her studio as a printmaker. Printmaking is not a commonly known medium and is often confused with prints that are created mechanically as reproductions of original works.

Kristine’s art form comes from an old artistic tradition that dates back to book illustration and has roots in medieval Europe where the artist Albrecht Durer perfected the technique of woodcuting and etching and producing fine prints that could be duplicated over and over again. This was an integral part of the printing industry as illustrations could now be added to text and reproduced.  His work became famous worldwide, and he launched the medium of printmaking as an art form.

The artist learned her craft from various learning experiences.  She is a graduate of the Illustration course at Sheridan College and then focused on printmaking after being introduced to the medium by local printmaker Ralph Heather and then her passion for it took off as she set off to furnish her studio with all of the necessary printing presses and equipment necessary. 

Kristine’s lovely works include copperplate drypoint, woodblock and other techniques that allow her to reproduce her work not just on paper but on fabric and other surfaces. The process, shown in the video, involves carving wood, or etching metal surfaces and then applying ink with a roller or other applicator.  The block is then pressed onto paper or cloth to make an impression.  This can be repeated several times. 

Among her paper works, she creates tea towels and other fabrics are so that “Things in the home that can be as beautiful as a piece of art and have a handmade appeal”. Her inspiration comes from children and the garden.


Table Runner

Tea Towel


She recently worked with the Woodstock Art Gallery in their Art Beat Program teaching a Grade three class at Algonquin Public School in Woodstock a drypoint printmaking technique. Each student created a print that will be on display at the gallery in the community room alongside some of her own work from the Red series done in the  same method. ART BEAT exhibition runs from May 4 – June 22. 

Plans are in the works for Kristine to open a booth at Wincey Mills Market starting on May 1 where she will offer all of her wares for purchase during open hours Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 9am – 5pm. Wincey Mills offers a fantastic opportunity to chat with artists (and possibly printmakers) about their techniques while shopping locally at the various food and grocery vendors booths.

Kristine MacGregor is a member of the Brant Studio Tour and will be opening her studio to the public this fall.

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