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“Something you may not be aware of in Brant! There is a group called Brantford Writer’s Circle and a place called Grace Gallery that between them celebrate writing and visual art created locally. This is yet another example of a group of volunteers bringing a concept to Brantford that is growing in other communities as a result.” John Bradford,

Please welcome Aidan Lefebvre as our newest 4BRANT ‘Citizen Journalist’ as he shares his passion for writing and photography while raising funds and awareness for many deserving not-profit organizations locally.

Here is his story.

At the First Annual Writers Symposium of the Brantford Writers Circle (BWC) at the Brantford Public Library downtown in April many of Brantford’s top talent in writing and literature were featured.

Their objective is to raise awareness and liveliness of the writing community in Brantford. They wish to showcase the success and vibrancy of the Brantford writing society in the area of Brantford, Six Nations and New Credit.

There were 7 Speakers with 7 Workshops for all people to enjoy for free. As Keynote Speakers they had Sean Dixon, Carl Wilson, Joan O’Callaghan, C.A. King, Melodie Campbell, Krista Foss, and Larry Brown.

This First Annual Writers Award Banquet was the launchpad for 2 new awards. Number one: Arthur Lefebvre Career Excellence Award, which was awarded to Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch; In 2020 we’ll also be giving out the Sarah Jeanette Duncan Award – for Book of the Year.

And now the Grace Gallery celebrates Its Fifth Year Anniversary

Friday, June 7th

5:30pm to 9:30pm.

29 Nelson Street

Downtown Brantford

Grace Gallery is an art-picture gallery which has featured over 20 Christian Artists. This is a Christian Art Gallery and to give you an idea of what that is…it’s an art gallery with either focus on Devotional/Iconography Art or focuses on the artist themselves as Christians. Aidan Lefebvre, as the Curator, will focus on the second option.

When Grace Gallery started 5 years ago, no one had heard of a Christian Art Gallery before although they have been around for thousands of years; the difference is that they were not here in Canada – YET! It was not till Grace Gallery began that Canada had its first Christian Art Gallery and its first in Brantford, Ontario. Christian art galleries have now spread to 5 Provinces in Canada and continues to be the leader in the sale of art. Grace Gallery is also very community minded and continues to give to great causes. Grace Gallery accepts donations for the Kindness Centre; the Brantford Food Bank; the Never Give Up! Foundation and the Stedman Community Hospice. We accept lightly or never used clothing and household goods for the Kindness Centre; Canned Goods and Non-Perishable food for the Brantford Food Bank; Monetary – Give What You Can donation to the Never Give Up! Foundation and a purchase of a greeting card for the Stedman Community Hospice. Please decide and bring with you.

Grace Gallery will feature tours of the gallery and we’ll have a table set for almost all the authors that have ever spoken at Grace Gallery. They will have a Show, Swap and Sale Table set up where you can purchase their book and get them signed by the Author. We will have dignitaries speak and most of the Local Artists in Grace Gallery.  The ratio is 7 Local Artists; 5 National and 4 International.

Catered by Jennifer Sywyk with water, coffee and specialty tea. Join them for this family-friendly event and invite your friends and family to join you.

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