33-year-old Brantford Male Arrested for Assault | Market Street South

On Wednesday June 26, 2019 Brantford Police Service responded to a 9- 1-1 call to a business on Market Street South. An unknown male had approached patrons sitting outside the business.

During the confrontation he picked up an umbrella pole and started to swing it and hit it off the side of the building causing damage. When he was asked to stop and leave, he threw the pole at an employee and refused to leave.

Community Patrol Officers attended to the business where they located and arrested the accused without incident. No one was injured as a result of the incident.

Information was received that the accused was currently bound by a court order with conditions.

As a result of the incident a 30-year-old Brantford male is charged with Assault with a Weapon, Mischief Under $5000 and Breach of Probation under the Criminal Code.


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