Juno Nominated ‘Reklaws’ | Live Performance in Brant Saturday

So…you may have heard the noise Saturday night on Rest Acres Road.

Yes, it was the Reklaws live, in a barn and all for the wedding of Chris Devlin and his new bride Deb. With great thanks to an anonymous donor!

How special is having one of Canada’s foremost upcoming performers, siblings Jenna and Stuart Walker come to town for a wedding! Incidentally, Reklaw is ‘Walker’ spelled backwards and also explains the graphic of the backwards ‘R’ in their brand. This group was nominated at this year’s Juno Awards as Country Album of the Year. And they are recognized for their affiliation with the CFL band with their original football themed best seller “Long Live The Night” performing Half-Time at last year’s Grey Cup. As a matter of fact, they opened the Calgary Stampede on Friday night before jetting back to the Devlin event.

As you can imagine, the Devlin name is synonymous with events, whether it’s at Devlin’s Bistro on the main drag in Mt. Pleasant or their 3-5 catered occasions a week for others throughout the community.

Chris and Deb planned this over a year and, as he stated, “We do all sorts of events for everyone else and I wanted this one to be special, and unique.”

But that was not all that Chris planned as unique: there was a Scotch and Cigar tent with comfy lounge couches;

Oyster shuckers served all night with side tables of lobster, giant shrimp, mussels and salmon;

Musical tributes were spotted bringing some of the 70’s and 80’s back for the adoring crowds;

Two separate open bars (taxi service supplied if necessary) serving all manner of cocktails and specialty drinks, many adorned with either fruit or vegetables;

and platter after platter of specialty dishes were laid out as a continuous smorgasbord throughout the night with delicacies and treats abound.

The uniqueness didn’t end there. Flowers were created for the entrance,


















As well as the ladies’ bouquets to carry and as part of the decorations in the barn. The ceremony was under a canopy of trees near the rye fields and seating was on wooden pews and church benches for the several hundred attendees.

Deb’s son Joshua walked with her, down a 100-foot off-white burlap carpet scattered with white rose petals, to give the bride away.

Reverend Ted Smith blessed the earth air and water and the couple’s groomsmen, bridesmaids Tina and Denise, and Chris’s sons Ryan and Joel witnessed the official proceedings along with fur-fam Lilly.

The barn!

John and Marsha Edgars supplied their working farm for the occasion. Only a a week or so earlier, the 30-foot-high barn was a hayloft with Marsha’s incredible ‘Plein Air’ artwork on display in the attached gallery. The hay gone, bats summarily dispatched elsewhere, the place scrub polished and hung with strings of lights and homemade chandeliers out of wagon wheels, and candles throughout, linen covered guest tables next to the stage and accents of art collages, lit fabric lanterns and tree boxes welcomed the crowd scattered around the grounds…a royal send off wrapped in country casual.

How can you have such a spectacular event without a finale? Fireworks lit the night sky and likely startled the vehicles on the 403!

Friends and family were amazing in their generosity throughout the planning and success in the celebration showing everlasting love for the newly wedded couple.

The bride and groom want to thank everyone who helped make the event so successful and for all the friends and family for their support and love.

A night to remember for all.

A forever lifetime of shared happiness for this wonderful couple.

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