SC Johnson Breaks Record for Corporate Donations | Brant Community Healthcare System

As of today, The BGH site Donor Wall has a new category ” VISIONARY” with one name on it for individuals or organizations contributing more than $3,000,000: SC Johnson and Son Limited.

In addition, the Departments of Medical Imaging and Cardiac Diagnostics have been renamed in their honour. Pictured here are the representatives of S.C. Johnson attending the announcement.

And the ribbon cutting ceremony of the newly named wing.

SC Johnson breaks $4 Million in donations to Brant Community Healthcare System with the announcement today of  ‘a transformative grant’ of $500,000 towards a new Gamma camera.

 Dr. Christopher O’Brien, Chief of Nuclear Medicine, and also President of the Ontario Association of Nuclear Medicine explains, “This device is critical in state-of-the-art diagnostic care for oncology, orthopaedic, cardiac and emergency patients, speeding up the overall care of patients locally and more effectively.”

Christopher Moeller, Executive Director and General Manager of S. C. Johnson Canada explains that it is easy to take for granted the presence of exemplary hospital services until we need them. S.C. Johnson explains the company philosophy of giving back to their communities and around the world, and they are proud to be part of the Brant Community Healthcare System growth.

Dr. David McNeil, BCHSys CEO explains that the provincial government doesn’t fund capital expenses and the institution relies on the generosity as shown by S.C. Johnson over the past many years, referring to them as “THE most significant donor to the Brant Community Healthcare System.” SC Johnson has been a proud sponsor of the Hospital since 1998: starting with the Dialysis Clinic in 1998; the MRI Unit in 2007; The Family Birthing Centre in 2008; The digital Mammography Unit in 2011; and Ultrasound technology in 2015.

MP Phil McColeman sees the generosity of S.C. Johnson throughout the entire Brant community and likens them to “The Gold Standard as a corporate citizen. In addition to their vision, they are one of the best employers where generations have been pleased to be working there, including their children and their children’s children”.

BCHS CEO Dr. David McNeil, GM Canada Christopher Moeller, MP Phil McColeman and Foundation Chair Mario Colombo

Mario Colombo, Chair of the BCHSys Foundation refers to the relationship with S. C. Johnson as “an ongoing commitment integral to our success for years. S. C. Johnson is woven into the fabric of our community.”

  1. The new gamma camera positions the Brant Community Healthcare System to remain current for the next 10-15 years with the modern technology incorporated into the system. The average number of Nuclear Medicine procedures performed at the BCHS each year is over 11,500 exams.
  2. Modern, up-to-date equipment and resources, which are attractive to new physicians looking to set up practice and provide incentive to existing caregiving professionals to stay in our healthcare system.
  3. Using specific types of medical isotopes Nuclear Medicine procedures enable evaluation of the functioning of the organs and help to treat certain types of cancers such as thyroid and prostate cancers, neuro-endocrines tumors and bone metastases.
  4. Assistance in providing a more accurate and precise diagnoses that can lead to improved clinical confidence, reliability and versatility.
  5. The gamma camera offers a safer, more friendly and convenient patient experience.
  6. Increasing capacity through decreasing scan time for procedures.




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