The Biggest Brant Secret is Little AND Large

In 1977, Virginia Little decided to make some noise… in a sweet way!

She started two String orchestras…no little feat… In fact it is a large contribution to the culture and harmony of Brantford

Tina Labanowicz has generously brought this story to our attention as a new 4BRANT Citizen Journalist in addition to her renowned musical expertise.

The Little String Orchestra is a Brantford based string orchestra. It is comprised of two orchestras, the Junior and the Senior orchestra to accommodate all playing levels. The orchestras hold three concerts annually and have performed at the Sanderson Center for the Performing Arts, in local music competitions and the senior orchestra has won at the Provincial Music Festival.

The orchestra is proud to include all Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass players regardless of age or playing ability. The orchestra fosters musical growth, playing excellence and lifelong friendships among its members. The Junior orchestra conductor, Gelja Will and the music director of the Senior orchestra, Tina Labanowicz are traditional and Suzuki trained violin and cello teachers in Brantford. Both conductors create a nurturing environment in which each member of the orchestra can thrive and learn.

The orchestra rehearses on Thursday evenings from September until May. Rehearsals begin on Thursday, September 5th at Braemar House School, 36 Baxter Street in Brantford. Junior orchestra rehearses from 6:00-6:45 and Senior orchestra from 7:00-8:30. The first two rehearsals are non-committal for everyone to come and see if they are ready for an orchestra experience. If you are unsure of which orchestra to join, feel free to stay for both rehearsals. As a non-profit organization, the orchestra relies heavily on donors to keep membership fees low and we thank all of our donors as well as the sponsorship of the City of Brantford. Membership for the entire season is $100 per person, $150 for two members of the same family and a $200 maximum per family.

For more information please visit The Little String Orchestra on Facebook, our website or contact the orchestra at

Thank you Tina for sharing your many talents and passion for music to Brant. John Bradford,

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