With the serenity of a sunset, and the realization that darkness follows, we accept that the morning brings a fresh start in our lives. Dawn is not far away and a new day WILL be blessing our horizon.

Brant gets it! Families, businesses, municipal governments and individuals respond to the reality of COVID-19 and their roles.

Their success is demonstrated in three categories as examples:


  1. Be Mindful of Others and Ourselves
  2. Manage Media Menu
  3. Me too

Mindfulness: is an understanding that we control 90% of our state of mind, the other 10% is the circumstances we can’t control.

With COVID-19’s current environment, no one is at fault, we must take a breath and be aware of that which we can control and also how others are suffering equally although differently from us.

In local social media we see examples of: individuals offering voluntary resources and services to neighbours and those less fortunate; web sites and blogs offering positive approaches to managing despair; families creating new forms of communication with each other like Facetime and texting or that old tried and true technology…a telephone; businesses offering to compensate employees during social isolation; restaurants and food stores closing their store access both protecting staff and responding with home delivery services; purposefully understanding the needs of working around child care during school closures and stepping up for grandchildren, nieces, nephews and neighbours.

With COVID-19, we see the dedication of first responders and medical care professionals taking personal risk, with appropriate safeguards, but always accepting the first consideration being the general public in distress.

Civic leaders have identified essential services such as sanitation, water supply, police fire and ambulance being maintained while recreational and creative activities are temporarily curtailed.

We know many are using teleconferencing instead of attending meetings. The number of people self-isolating if concerned or not feeling well is evident in the reduction of traffic and physical presence on the sidewalks. The travel industry is working feverishly to help stranded clients and facilitate their return from other parts of the world.

Those companies that have offered movies, plays, concerts, sports or comedy shows, and other public events have agreed to cancel or defer performances. Public fundraisers, on behalf of non-profit groups have been affected and will resume when the all-clear signal is announced.

The decision to close schools is mindful of group congestion but so is the consequence to the work lives of those with children and no family nearby to help out. We see individuals on line offering that service to strangers.

Speaking of mindfulness, do you realize your kids need help during this time? The honeymoon of several more weeks off and/or the potential ending of post-secondary semesters has already worn off and their day to day restrictions have shaken them. Time to encourage that dog walking regime we see online!

Manage Media Menu: is a realization that so much media coverage creates fear through ill-informed sources. We can afford to eat a little less of it all.

Be selective around the time dedicated to the talking heads and commentators. They may be well intended, and indeed it is a critical time in our lives but the hysteria can be lessened by steering clear of 24 hour yelling on all your electronics.

There is a German phrase, ’Schadenfreude’, that explains some of the negativity. It means, ‘satisfaction’ or the pleasure felt at someone else’s misfortune.’  Revenge films revel in this concept. Apparently, continuing the food metaphor, it is a staple part of some people’s political diet as well.

Brant knows there is no internet hack that prevents this virus, even the World health Organization can’t give you one because of simple common sense.

Where in the world did anyone get the idea that owning a warehouse of toilet paper was a great idea? Take that one off your shopping list!

Me too: represents our individual responsibility and what we are seeing everywhere in Brantford, Paris, St. George and all the rural and urban communities in between.

Because of COVID-19, hand washing is increased everywhere including sanitization stations in offices, commercial and health organizations. When all the disinfectant supply disappeared, local stores realized they carry Tea Tree Oil which is a natural disinfectant and advised a few drops in normal hand soap or wiping cloths as a good practice more so than doing nothing.

We see families out for walks in the evening or playing in the back yards to catch the sunshine. We know of our neighbours and friends are self-isolating and reacquainting with loved ones. You have to laugh at some of the friend comments joking about how they have reconnected  because of the cancellation of sports events… I think they are joking…

These common sense approaches by our friends, families and colleagues suggest that the sun will still come up in the morning, just as there will be global vaccines and treatments for COVID-19 invented in the future.

You’ve got this Brant. You make a difference. Thank you.

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