A Mother’s Day Salute | Snow Birds Back Over Brantford

Happy Mother’s Day, ladies of Brantford!


Just before 2:00 pm Sunday, Mother’s Day,  The Canadian Forces Snowbird Aerobatic Team flew proud and in perfect formation over one of their favourite Canadian cities.  For more than a decade, the team have been our guests the Wednesday before Labour Day raising several 100,000 dollars on behalf of the Lansdowne Children’s Centre and the Brantford Boys and Girls Club through the Rotary Club of Brantford.

They were scheduled again, in August, for a show co-hosted by the Canadian Warplane Heritage Aviation Museum, but all their shows have been cancelled across Canada.

The special honour this year goes to the Mom of Snowbird #7. The 27-year-old Capt. Joel Wilson had indicated he was honoured to be the youngest pilot on the team and fly over his hometown with the aerobatics team. I suspect his Mom was a little more proud and maybe even frenetically waving like the rest of the city.

The Brantford native, who became Snowbird #7 this year, said the city could be part of a cross-country tour, weather permitting, over Southwestern Ontario during ‘Operation Inspiration’. The tour was delayed a couple of days because of storms in Nova Scotia and then another delay for snow squalls in Toronto yesterday.

Until we meet again. Thank you and be safe. And once again, Mother’s Day.

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