“Synergy Mouldworks” – Face Shields | Brant: COVID CRUSADERS!

As the world now realizes, the pandemic is a scourge on the entire front-line healthcare industry: risk and transmission are STILL in daily crisis; the supply for protective gear is diluted; and the demand is exaggerating as previous product is degrading.

Synergy Mouldworks in Cainsville has been instrumental in Canada’s fight to protect those whom are fighting this pandemic for us.

The story began when CEO, Cory Robertson’s main mould designs were primarily for the automotive industry using numerous mediums including plastic and a variety of metals. Much of the design work is accomplished in-house. The team had discussed moving into supporting the anti-COVID-19 crisis management approach, and brainstormed a variety of ways their tooling and expertise could help. Robertson called a colleague in Orillia when the level of design had to meet government specs specifically to meet strict medical criteria. In addition, there was an eight-week window to get the whole thing up and running and approved by everybody. His colleague, David Yeaman, President of ‘MPC’ (Moulded Precision Components) explained they too had been working on it and had created an approved design but needed help in creating a dozen different moulds for face shields. Cory chose 7 that met his current technological and computing capability and the team worked tirelessly over that time. Literally, on the last day of the eight-week deadline, the moulds for the face shields were rushed to Orillia for approval. A third partner in the project Sterling, ‘Contract Manufacturing Medical Devices’ had taken on the manufacturing role. Distribution and sales through ‘Projection Moulds’, CEO Jim DeBriese, and ‘Edwards Protech’, CEO Ed Lipert. And likely millions of these shields by now are in the marketplace serving healthcare professionals in many fields across Canada.

Synergy is defined as, ‘Creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts.’

Cory Robertson is proud to take that as his corporate name and philosophy. This project expresses that mandate as well: the partnerships; personalities; patients; and during a pandemic. All pieces of a puzzle, global in its devastation but singular in its application.

There are local business entrepreneurs caring for our community like Brant Community Healthcare System, Lansdowne Children’s Centre and St Paul Family Health Clinic already.

Rita-Marie Hadley, Executive Director of Lansdowne Children’s Centre commented…


“This is an opportunity for us to ensure that families know their children are safe when we are providing services. We are grateful to local companies, and others coming together demonstrating ingenuity.

Synergy CEO Cory Robertson (checking out the design of the face shields and wearing the final product), and his wife Jess (pictured above, demonstrating the drive, resolve and humour that prevails in the workplace,) are the principal owners and staff is creative, collaborative and committed. Cory is proud of all that work with him and even has a board room set up with a half dozen guitars and amps for frequent staff rock sessions.

The Lansdowne staff formed a heart on the stair case of Lansdowne Children’s Centre and share it to thank the efforts of an anonymous donor.

The staff and physicians at the Family Health Clinic at St. Joe’s put on their masks with the face shields reflecting the need to serve their patients safely.

Inferior shields cannot withstand the rigours and cleaning of their personal protection equipment and they had to ration the use of protective equipment under suspected Corona Virus suspicions.

“Previously, with only four face shields, we kept them for emergency situations. Staff would visit a patient in isolation at least 12 times per day. We have not been able to get any protective devices, We tried on-line, Amazon and sources around the world. We can help so many more urgent cases because of these shields. It is with our great appreciation to see Canadian companies supporting the front line workers through the efforts of an anonymous donor” Maureen Sloot, Clinic Manager.

Now meet many of the Synergy team that tirelessly contributed to this collaborative face shields supply chain.

We are proud of the corporate commitment and the Healthcare Industry for keeping us safer so we can be mindful of our responsibility to loved ones, neighbours and colleagues.

Wear your mask and let’s show the world how Canada does it better.

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