LOST and FOUND | WTF is a Mince Meat Tart

Ok, many… so many, I say… have never heard of a Minced Meat Tart. 

I wandered aimlessly to Sobeys in two cities, Metro, FreshCo, Lococo, NoFrills and Zehrs to research this lost delicacy. Sadly, in a number of cases I was directed on a scavenger hunt from department to department to no avail.

“Its over by the bread…”, no those are butter tarts. “Have you checked the seasonal stuff at the door as you came in?” Yes, and nothing. “Well obviously minced meat is in the meat section, try there..,” Audible sigh, from me.

Definition: Mince Meat Tart “Mincemeat tart synonyms, Mincemeat tart pronunciation, Mincemeat tart translation, English dictionary definition of Mincemeat tart. n 1. a small round pastry tart filled with mincemeat 2. Cockney rhyming slang an eye n. a pie filled with mincemeat.” Not sure of that second definition!

Not exactly helpful. C’mon Google, let’s try that again: “Minced Meat: a finely chopped mixture (as of raisins, apples, and spices) sometimes with meat that is often used as pie filling. 2 : a state of destruction or annihilation —used in the phrase make mincemeat of.” Ouch to THAT second definition!

OKAY, now we are at least getting warmer, pun intended.

Once more into the breach! “Minced Meat:a sweetspicy mixture of small pieces of appleraisins, and other fruit that is cooked in pastry”  AH HAAA! He says with newfound satisfaction.

So where in Brant do we find such delicacies? How about a little retail outlet on Fairview Drive, San Agostino Bakery-Delicatessen! Speaking to one of the owners, Susanna Lovoi,

“It is a family tradition of ours and we share it with our customers.”

This is not an ad but rather a humble thank you to the folks at San Agostino for literally making one of my family traditions complete.

Merry Christmas to them, and all of 4BRANT readers. May you find your traditions and share them with your loved ones.


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