The impact of a loved one passing is likely one of the most significant events to change our life decisions, our perspectives and our relationships to loved ones.

We follow obituaries in our media because of the personal connection we may feel. They are family, friends, neighbours and community ambassadors. Often, a name brings a link to someone else we know despite our never having met the deceased.

Families express their condolences publicly differently than they do at services or in the privacy of their homes. It is more as a gesture of reaching out: their history or careers; their pet names and special friends; their diverse involvement in community; and their preferred direction for a donation to special causes.

4BRANT wants to facilitate that access in Brant, Brantford, Six Nations and New Credit including the surrounding villages and towns. We are committed to giving you, the reader, local information freely and with consideration for the incredible stories of those that live, and die, around us.

Funeral Services Brant County

Please link to Funeral Services 4BRANT for local obituaries in order to help the grieving families to see the empathy and caring of those nearby.