Finding a Dream Home – Finding Our Castle

There is a significant insight when we refer to our home as our castle. We expect our safety to be assured like the moats in the highlands of foreign countries did centuries ago. We need, no, we deserve consideration as royalty in some aspect of our lives. There is an expectation that home ownership gives us that same comfortable equity that castles offered the lords and ladies of the manor.

In speaking to agents at Action Reality under the Royal LePage umbrella in Brantford, they get it. After all, these agents chose to invest in Brantford for their families too.

Others across Canada already see this local phenomenon. When the comparison of relatively low house prices and fast-rising rents are examined, Brantford has been dubbed the best real estate investment market in Canada. MoneySense magazine has declared that Brantford is at the top of  its 2018 ranking of Canadian communities based on real estate investment potential. And it shows this is not a blip but rather a trend over the last few years.

Action Realty is passionate about meeting the needs of their clients. Owner/ Broker Danny DeDominicis explains “we don’t sell houses, we fulfil dreams”. “We are there for our clients like they are family. We want to find that special dream home, negotiate on their behalf for the best deal and leave them glowing in this most important next step of their lives.”

His 37 agents are equally dedicated to working with the clients in this quest for the perfect dream home. And that is why they are a top producer and most recognized real estate company in Brant. People arrive on their doorstep because others before them have found incredible satisfaction and share the good news. The understanding and integrity of these agents is renowned. Whether the client is exploring moving into the Brant, Brantford and surrounding communities or whether they dream of something more for their investment and want their family to grow in something new, or old, given the century homes, heritage inventory and Brantford Cottages often sought after.

Trying to figure out what is in the minds of the two sides takes a special skill set more than just sales approach. This is most often the single most significant purchase the average citizen ever takes part in. The agent understands this and is offering, through a shared trust, the dedicated effort to understand the need and then fill it.

Rarely is there any litigation in residential real estate transactions. Why? Simply because the honest broker is generally negotiating between a willing seller and a willing buyer.

As in every transaction there are three critical elements considered: developing a relationship; determining a positive outcome; and clarifying the process. Without even one of these elements the likelihood of success is limited.

So how does the relationship evolve?

The buyer/seller often has an historical relationship from previous deals or another family member, who is trusted, makes a solid recommendation from their own experiences. A family coming into a new market could find it a bit more complicated. They may start by googling the various companies, brokers or agents. Or they may ask a friend or colleague about their experiences locally. Ultimately it always comes back to that sense of trust developed. When the client and the agent first meet, it is a sort of dance to test each other’s commitment. There is room for tire-kicking at this point but eventually, when each party finds common ground or shared vision, everything begins to click.

Then comes the vision.

What is the buyer/seller trying to achieve in this relationship? These are the variables, personal and financial, that make each arrangement unique. An older couple looking to downsize has dramatically different objectives than the young couple looking for their first home.

And what constitutes their perspective of a dream home?

Much of the discussions are around emotions and past life events. If the buyer loved the house they grew up in that would influence their next purchase. If someone else’s home left them wondering about aspiring to something similar, it tickles the curiosity. On the other hand, bad experiences often dictate a desire to run in a completely different direction, away from townhouses to single family homes or more to new construction and amenities rather than constantly repairing a century home. If you ask what they like from their previous home, that is often a true indicator of what they would like in the next one. Emotions, attitudes and memories…critical factors in real estate sales.

Another aspect of determining a dream home is financial. Will this investment be affordable? Is there a greater chance of eventually improving on the return of this investment compared to other forms of financial planning? Will the deal be sweet but maybe lead to imprisonment by debt preventing other life choices like having a family, or annual vacation or a stress-free lifestyle?

And, of course there is the detail in what individuals expect in a dream home consists of. Many bedrooms? Modern kitchen? Large yard? Close to schools or shopping? Maintenance free? Fencing for pets? High Ceilings? Custom design? An open marble fireplace? Surrounded by neighbourhood children? Gigantic closets? Safety? Commuting time?

When it comes to YOUR Dream Home…Brant has: location; location; and location!… and everything else for YOU

Mi Casa, Su Casa.

Buying or selling a home or commercial property is a big decision – you need an experienced professionals to guide you through the process. When you work with a Royal LePage Action Realty agent, you can count on personal, attentive, patient service, excellent knowledge of the area, great negotiation skills and expert selling strategies.

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